Google Pixel Review

The smartphone market is abuzz with Google’s newest phone, Google Pixel. Taking inspiration from Apple and Samsung, Google’s Pixel comes with two variants of their own flagship phones. Pixel and Pixel XL are different in size, that means you are getting high-performance 5-inch smartphone from Google.


Both variants are the first phones which are “Made by Google” which means that Google has chosen the internal components and have integrated their mobile with Android OS which provides the Android experience at best.
This phone comes at a starting price of $650 for the Pixel while for Pixel XL which you have to pay $770. You can buy these phones in three different color- blue, black, and silver which comes with 32 and 128 GB storage.


1. To test the limits of Google Assistant, Pixel’s most distinguishing feature, we used it up to its maximum potential. All you have to do is press the on-screen home button for long or just say “OK Google” to activate this feature. It provides all the details you expect from any AI Assistant with near perfection. However, it does has some limitations like it answer easy queries by providing web results. Still, it is one of the best voice assistant available in the market. Its main feature is its speech-to-text recognition which is quite perfect.

2. You can take 12-megapixel photos along with 4K videos, and you can take better selfies with its 8-megapixel from its front cam. It takes the best color, range, and sharpness images which will exceed any expectation from any phone you have used.

Like other Android phones, The Pixel enhances every aspect of the images and makes them appear more vibrant and brighter. You can also watch the automatic HDR which processes them in real time.

3. We have to admit that Pixel looks like the iPhone and to be honest, it is perfectly fine. It comes with an aluminum body which also has sharper along with harder round corners and yet it still feels great to hold. It has much larger and round rear fingerprint reader. You can easily unlock the phone with the index finger, but it still can annoy you with its feel, unless you wish to unlock it by manually with a passcode.

4. Unlike many smartphones, this phone isn’t waterproof. It comes with one speaker, and the headphone jack is placed at the bottom edge. However, it may not be a great issue among the users.

5. This phone has great sharing menus which are quite smarter and notifications are quite interactive. Yet, it still has few issues with cluttered home screens along with different versions of the same icon.



1. It comes with quite a long battery life.
2. This phone is faster and more powerful than its competitors.
3. Google Assistant is far by the best assistant you can find in similar category phone from other companies.


1. Unlike other phones like iPhone 7, this phone isn’t waterproof.
2. When it comes to integration with Android, Google does require more polish.


With this, we end our take on Google Pixel, which is by far one of the best smartphones you can have. Its Assistant and camera is by far the best in the market. Just try this phone, and you will get in love with this great product from the house of Google. Don’t forget to mention your views and suggestions about this phone in the comment section.