5 Features of Android N That Can Change Everything

5 Features of Android N That Can Change Everything

The name is going to be released on Wednesday at the keynote presentation is going to happen, and we are all waiting for the new version of operating system that will indeed begin with the letter ‘N’.

But we do know a few things that are utterly fresh and brilliant, let’s see what does Android N have for us in its launch.

  1. Split Screen Mode – Android is bringing split screen mode in which you will see two apps running along side by side or stacked one above the next.
  2. Simpler multi-tasking – Android N will give you another soothing comfort by letting you switch from one app to another in a better and faster way. By tapping recent app button twice, you will be presented with a list of seven recent apps. This seven is a number that has been recognized by Android team experts that feels that people usually choose from the seven apps they have recently used. All the apps will not be listed.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.09.54 PM
    Image source: usatoday.com
  3. More Interactive Notifications – You will be able to reply to notification with a better way, and you can carry out the full conversion from the notification center that hovers on top. The reply button will certainly be welcomed by many.
  4. Longer Battery Life – In Marshmallow there was a great feature called Doze that prevent app activity when your mobile phone isn’t going here and there. With the new Android N, you will also get an extension to this feature, where while you are on a move, and your screen is off it will save your battery by killing apps or making those apps suspend.
  5. More efficient apps – Now as the code is reworked the time of installing an app will get reduced and the data saver option will help you save money.

Many other features can be really helpful, especially the security tweaks that will make your Android N safer.

Still the mystery of the name N is not bigger than the mystery of which phones or manufacturers will get the Android N update, maybe you need to send you phone back to your manufacturer to update it to Android N. Let’s see what happens.

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