How to Choose your Medicines Online?

Technology and Science has gone too far and the latest platform Iodine has made your search of medicine even easier.

Iodine is a platform, launched in US so far, that provides you some great advice on what medicine has side-effects in comparison to each other, their prices and potential trade-offs.

You can compare and even see how many people recommend a particular medicine and what percentage of people are in favour to use that medicine.

 Iodine — better information about thousands of drugs

It was launched in last July and since then was working on its database and taking surveys, which is not counted at 100,000+ (from US). Surveys will always make more people get involved and share the correct info.

Anyways, check it if you are in US, and even if you are an non-US guy you should look for similar medicinal names and I am sure you will find it.

My personal first search on site was about Aspirin and I was happy to see minimal side effects 🙂

How people feel about Aspirin

Try it, I am sure you will like this site a lot, and share it with your friends and family.


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