Bakeway – Now order cakes online and get it delivered to your doorstep


Everyone loves cakes and bakery products. It is a well-known fact that cakes have become an essential part of birthday celebrations, anniversary and other special occasions. Meeting the demands of growing number of customers has been a behemoth task for any industry and bakery industry isn’t unaffected by it.


Owing to this demand, Pune based Relfor labs has launched its new innovative service, Bakeway which is one of its latest venture that brings over 350 bakeries as well as 75 home bakers from all over the city on one single platform. According to Deepak Nathani, the CEO of Relfor Labs, he has invested Rs. 3 crore in this venture and have shown keen interest and plans to take this service on a nationwide scale in the course of upcoming two years. As per him, he has estimated that the Relfor Labs will invest over Rs. 10 crores in the time to come. He has also mentioned his plans to expand the venture to provide and offer party combos as well as snacks from the bakeries.


According to the statement from Relfor, the users are simply required to enter their preferred locality within the Pune city, and by following few quick steps, they can order cakes from few of the best bakeries as well as home bakers in the town.


Once you browse on Bakeway.com, it asks you to mention your locality where you are searching for the bakeries. At the bottom, it has mentioned popular places in Pune. Once you have selected the locality, it takes you to the page which has listed all the bakeries which are in that locality. You can select from a plethora of options from there. You can check for bakers as well as cakes too. You can also check the types of cakes that you wish to buy. You are also provided with a filter to select from options like home bakers, late night delivery etc. whichever fits your requirement or whatever you are looking for. It is an innovative and intuitive platform which makes a selection of bakeries and cakes a piece of “cake”, to put it lightly, yet effectively.


Nathani has invested in other start-ups and ideas actively, and he was also the co-founder as well as former COO of Cybage. According to him, the online activity in the start-up domain is increasingly becoming niche. As per him, in the current e-commerce trend, consumers are more inclined towards the various niche online marketplaces. Bakeway.com is one of such niche online marketplace. It boasts about its wide range of cakes and bakeries which are listed on this platform which makes it the go-to site for the consumers who love to order cakes and wish to get the cakes delivered to their doorsteps.


Bakery industry is undergoing a revolution and meeting the demands of the customers is becoming increasingly difficult for local bakeries. In such scenario, Bakeway.com provide the right platform for the bakeries to get more customers by listing themselves on it. In upcoming future, it is expected to witness a rise of online cake ordering and booking by the customers, and once this venture is successful in Pune, it will be taken nationwide to meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. Bakeway.com is certainly a start-up which is worth considering in the bakery industry.