Affimity – A social platform for people with same interests

If you are looking to connect with people having the same interest, then a new social network named as Affimity can do the job. It’s new and vibrant, and people have started liking it. In this post we will share some of our experience from Affimity and why did we like it so much.

There is no denial how much social media has changed our day to day life. The impact of the online world is pretty much seen in the offline world today. The power of getting connected with people from different locations having a different point of view and those who can share things they like and know each other better.
Affimity has done something marvelous by connecting such people with same interest and passions. From channels like Tech to Yoga, Wellness to Beauty and Gaming to Travel everything has been organized properly under one roof. It provides a good platform to expand your network with people having same interests. In the process of networking, you can learn a lot from experts and growyourself in every way possible.
Here’s what my profile looks like on Affimity:
profile screenshot
Updating your profile is easy, and you just require a few seconds before you figure out how to post content. The content can be published in multiple formats like text, images, video links and even audio recordings.
It’s kinda addictive in a way, and once you have new friends with similar interests, you will enjoy the overall feel of Affimity.
Below is one of my post that I published via a YouTube link. The images were taken instantly from YouTube itself the video got embed like I wanted it to be.
my posts on affimity
The overall posting experience is good, and I also received one comment which made my day. People here are active, and they appreciate things that are good.
Another navigation button called the All Activity can be handy while checking your recent activity in a date-wise manner. The screenshot below shows to whom I have sent a friend request and people that I started following.
All of this can also be sorted with your social channel as well. So if you want to check what social channel you have done recent activity can be seen in a managed way.
The interface on mobile devices is also pretty. Both Android and iOSapplication can be downloaded via respective app stores or you can use the links above to download them.
Here are few screenshots from Android App.
android app screenshot affimity
All in all my experience with Affimity is pretty good and I am surely going to use it for making new friends in my interest area. Try it and tell me what did you like about this new social network.
I am sure you will find something interesting and new in this cute social network.