Xbox is Camp Ready

Xbox has unleashed a clothing and accessory collection dedicated to camping. No, not the video game style that esports organization 100 Thieves lambasted with its clothing line Microsoft’s is about actually obtaining outside and touching the grass.

The camper collection includes a variety of shirts, headgear, shorts, and things like a hammock and camping chair.

Most people don’t usually associate gaming with running outdoors, so some items in the lineup seem decent. For example, Xbox’s camp chair looks like a clone of the design popularized by the Helinox Chair, but electric green and double heavy. Though it’s hugely cheaper than the Helinox, it’s hard to complain about the weight.

Its new lineup is presumably better suited for camping in CoD than the outdoors. The hammock also appears fine again, people who count every ounce likely wouldn’t want it, but it seems appropriate for slinging up between two trees at a campsite. Finally, Microsoft is trying to get people to drink more water with this Nalgene bottle. However, we wish it weren’t charging a double average retail price for it now that its admittedly very calm topographical branding has been slapped on.

As outdoorsy people, we are not sure Microsoft’s “camper” marketing aligns with how some of these products are made. For example, it says its T-shirts, hats, and sweaters are for “investigating the great outdoors,” but they’re created of 80 to 90 percent cotton. Suppose you’ve been within spitting distance of an REI or other outdoor shop. In that case, you might recognize that’s a bit of a problem the phrase “cotton kills” is presumably one of the most-cited pieces of advice in the hiking and camping community.

Here is an excellent value of multifunctional yet clever camping accessories that can deliver a stress-free outdoor experience.

Tents are a fundamental piece of camping that protects you from unpredictable weather elements. Choosing the one with sufficient space for at least two people to have a comfortable trip into the wilderness is recommended. In addition, examine for a multifunctional one that carries vents and inner stash pockets. Or get assembled in a few minutes to keep your time for other outdoor activities. Finally, do not forget to pack all the required equipment like tent poles, stakes, ropes, or a rain fly.

While you may include a busy schedule with outdoor sports, your body requires some rest. Sleeping bags are crucial to having that blissful night’s respite in the woods. However, it is essential to understand that purchasing sleeping doesn’t do the job. One must buy a liner to keep the sleeping bag from getting messy. That’s because you can’t wash or bring it dry-cleaned now and then.

Portable chairs are one of the focus elements for most individuals who prefer camping. However, after returning from hiking or other fun activities, you might be unable to rest or loosen up on a floor mat.

Consequently, utilizing an Ultra-compact camping chair that effortlessly tucks up is a worthwhile investment. In addition, some aspects of portable camping chairs can include additional cup holders, cushioning, and a few essential additions. As a result, it is a versatile piece of equipment preferred by thousands of travelers.

Do not go on an outdoor journey without a first aid kit. Since you are leagues away from healthcare facilities, this is an unconditional must-have. Numerous medical kits are available, or you can assemble your own and add region-specific aids.

It is recommendable to review the weather before heading out for any adventure to keep a firm idea of what dress should be suitable for that spot. Also, keep some usual things in your travel bag like hats, pants, socks, hiking boots, T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets.

Even if the forecast predicts sunny weather, it’s always ideal for packing rain gear in your traveling bag. Or, if you are running in any area prone to ticks, ensure to buy a headcover for good protection. Purchase a bug repellent to maintain away from mosquitos or other insects. Remember to read the instructions and choose the one that works best for you.

A brief piece of advice – while heading on adventures, maintain a map and a compass to prepare yourself for the situations when the electronics do not work or you run out of options.

Camping is all about relaxing and admiring nature’s alluring pristine views. Get a portable griller and cook different recipes rather than staying on snacks and canned food. You may want a campfire with the right area to sit back and relax.

It is, to be exact, an overdramatic slogan. Cotton clothing has been implicated in a few deaths from exposure over the years, but it’s not like you’ll immediately die if you step foot on a trail wearing this ABXY heather tee. However, if you get caught out in bad weather, you could have a real problem on your hands cotton doesn’t keep you warm when it gets wet. It dries out very slowly, so even if the rain stops, your sopping cotton shirt may keep sapping warmth from your body. And while that probably won’t kill you unless you’re in a pretty remote area, in the words of Sans Undertale, “you’re gonna have a bad time.” Also: moisture won’t necessarily come from precipitation.

We don’t want to overstate the danger here. You don’t need a shirt made of wool or fancy athletic fabrics to go hiking; you’ll have a more enjoyable experience if you do. (And for the prices Microsoft charges for these shirts, you could get a nice hiking shirt if you consume a lot of time outdoors.) What’s weird, though, is that other pieces of clothing in Microsoft’s collection, like this nylon windbreaker or these nylon shorts, are made of a material that suits hiking.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t buy any of this gear you’ll even admit that the Xbox-y outdoorsy patterns look pretty cool. But if you do pick them up to add them to your Microsoft clothing collection, perhaps leave the shirts at home on your next camping trip, unless your definition of “camping” is sitting near a spawn point in Call of Duty.