Why You Should Visit Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

Whether you live in Raleigh and can see the sights year-round or youíre just there for a visit, Raleigh is one of the most beautiful cities to visit. The capital of North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

If you are lucky enough to attend North Carolina State University, youíll call Raleigh home, and if youíre really lucky, you live in one of the luxury apartments nearby. Raleigh is also part of Research Triangle Park which is made up of Durham and Chapel Hill and their respective universities. So what must-see attractions should you visit in Raleigh? Letís find out!

1. North Carolina Museum of Art

If you love excellent art-exhibits and stellar educational programs, the North Carolina Museum of Art is your destination. There are two sections of the museum in two separate buildings. The permanent art collection is located in the West Building while the older East Building is home to changing exhibits and educational opportunities. Youíll find everything from Greek sculptures to Jewish and European art.

2. Raleigh Beer Trail

You canít visit Raleigh without stopping for a couple of beers. Consider the more than 25 breweries in the area, and thatís a lot of stops. Luckily the Raleigh Beer Trail offers something for everyone in a fun, organized fashion. To start, you print out a PDF called the passport. For each brewery you visit, youíll receive a stamp on your passport. Fill your passport for awesome prizes and bragging rights.

3. Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park

Have you ever heard of a museum park? Well, Raleigh is home to the nationís largest at 164 acres. Every step of the journey has something special to explore whether itís one of the many trails or monumental public art installations. You can even set up shop for lunch or bike your way along the parkótake it at your own speed, fast or slow.

4. The North Carolina State Fair

Every October, Raleigh hosts an 11-day extravaganza. Itís fun for the whole family with musical performances, amusement rides, a fireworks show, livestock, art exhibits, and so much more. There are more than one million attendees each year, and we can see why.

5. PNC Arena

If youíre into sports, Raleigh has an incredible event right up your alley. PNC arena boasts almost 20,000 seats and houses exciting sports teams like the Carolina Hurricanes. If sports arenít your cup of tea, youíll be amazed by the resounding acoustics during one of the many major concerts hosted in the arena. PNC Arena is also located in an ideal neighborhood with various apartment communities and home rentals.

6. JC Raulston Arboretum

If gardening gets you excited and plant life brings you to life, thereís no place youíd rather be. This NC State University arboretum houses more than 6,000 plants from every part of the world. Itís worth the trip just to see their amazing butterfly garden.†

Image credit: Raleigh, NC via Sean Pavone/Shutterstock