Why you should visit Alibaug at least once


We all need a breather from time to time and the best way to get one is travelling to nice and secluded place to take a break from your busy life. These breaks are more important than anything, because they rejuvenate you and you will be able to go back to workwith a fresh and clear mind. This is an important practice which you should make a part of your daily routine since it will help you to keep your mind fresh and relaxed which in turn will go a long way in increasing your productivity.

Mumbai is one of the most thriving and bustling cities across the country. Life is hectic and hard when it comes to a metropolitan like Mumbai and hence it is but natural that people who work here will need some time off. So if you want to head out to somewhere from Mumbai for a relaxing and quiet weekend, then you should definitely think about planning a trip to Alibaug. But why Alibaug? Well, here are a few factors which will definitely help you to understand why going to Alibaug once during the weekends is a must for everyone:

  • It is very near to Mumbai and the modes of communication are quite convenient. The best way to reach there is to take a jetty or boat. You can get the boat from Gateway of India and travel to the Mandawa Jetty. Gateway of India is one of the prime locations in Mumbai, located in Colaba and hence accessing it is quite easy to access as well. So travelling to Alibaug is no problem at all which makes it one of the most frequented tourist destinations, particularly during the weekends.
  • Alibaug is a place of real natural beauty. You can actually enjoy a nice time here and it is unique in its own way because it is surrounded by water on all sides which is why it is often referred to as the island town. It makes the entire place a hub of relaxation where people can spend some time in solitude. So, if you are looking forward to spend a relaxing time surrounded in the beauty of nature, this is a place that you cannot afford to give a miss.
  • One very important thing about Alibaug is that it is an emerging business town and luxury tourist destination. This is the sole reason that you have some of the best resorts in alibaug.However you need to remember that it is quite busy throughout the year and hence if you are thinking about planning your trip to this tourist destination, then you should make sure that you get all the bookings done in advance. Still being a small town, the number of resorts are limited, compared to the number of tourists who come here and hence the wiser thing to do would be to ensure that you get everything done, well before the date of your travel and never leave it to the last minute. Finding a resort once you reach Alibaug might actually be a huge problem.
  • The number of places to see in Alibaug is quite a lot. It is full of beaches and forts, which makes it a classic place to explore if you want to see where the beauty of Maharashtra lies.
  • If you love forts a lot then you have to go to the Janjira Fort once. War weapons from the past along with fascinating examples of Mughal architecture along with Hindu temples, makes this one of the most exciting places to explore.
  • Kanakeshwar Forest is another place that you can think about exploring. This is one of the densest forests that you will come across along with a wide range of species of reptiles. So if you are looking forward to spending some time in a forest and visiting a quaint temple, then you should definitely take a trek through this forest.
  • Nagaon Beach is the place to head out to if you are looking for relaxation. It is about 8kms away from Alibaug main town and you can easily book your stay in one of the resorts in alibaug and head out for a day of complete peace here at this beach. It is not frequented too much by tourists and hence this is a place to go to if you want some peace and quiet by the sea.
  • The star attraction for every tourist is definitely the Alibaug Beach. Hip and happening and one of the most busy places in this small town, this beach is a must visit when you are in Alibaug. It is just about 1 km away from the main centre of the town and hence reaching this beach is no issue at all.

Things to keep in mind when planning your trip to Alibaug

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning of going to Alibaug:

  • Though this place enjoys a good weather throughout the year, the ideal time to visit this place would be from between November and July. It is extremely pleasant during the winter months and ideal for spending your relaxing winter weekends. If however you are more into greenery and want to experience the beauty of a green Alibaug, then you ought to travel to this place during the months of August to October.
  • Again, this point cannot be stressed enough that you need to plan your trip beforehand and make all the arrangements to avoid any last minute hassle.
  • You should also make sure that you plan your stay for a weekend when with friends and family. There is not much to do here than relax and hence when with people, try to keep the trip within a duration of two nights or you might end up feeling a little bored after a while.

So, these are the basic things that you need to know about Alibaug and then you need to make sure that you visit this town at least once, to feel the beauty that Alibaug is.

Image credit: Alibaug via Sambit Nandi/Shutterstock