Why is Minneapolis a Great Tourist Destination?


Considering visiting Minneapolis for your next trip? Though we could list many reasons to visit the Twin Cities, we’ve put together a list of the five main reasons why Minneapolis is a great tourist destination for people of all ages.

Breathtaking Architecture & Arts

Minneapolis is known for its stunning views and intricate architecture. In addition to the architecture, Twin Cities captures exciting arts as well. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts showcases art and exhibits from all eras, and the building itself is a piece of art. Throw in the city’s green spaces and sustainable architecture and you’ve covered all of the bases. Building design is an element that helps to display the true essence of a city and you’ll be sure to find plenty of it here.

Diverse Neighborhood Hangouts

Not only is there plenty to do downtown, but checking out the neighborhoods of Minneapolis will be a trip in itself. Uptown is a popular nightlife ‘hood with a hip vibe to it. The Northeast Arts District speaks for itself. Head to University (the neighborhood) where the University of Minnesota resides and check out the lay of the land. Bop over to North Loop for a chill day of exploration. The possibilities are truly endless! Can’t get enough? Hop in the car and head to St. Paul, considering it is only 15 minutes away!

The Land of Lakes

If you love being near or on the water, you’ll love being in Minneapolis. There are 13 lakes that border the city, so you’ll be sure to get your fix. With notable bodies of water such as Lake of the Isles, Cedar Lake, Bde Maka Ska, and Lake Harriet, feel free to hop on a sailboat or in a kayak and enjoy the views! If being on the water isn’t your thing, there is plenty of beach space for you to lay out and catch the rays or have a picnic with your travel buddies. The lakes surrounding the area add a picturesque feel to the city as well, so don’t miss your Instagram photo-op!

Mall of America

Minneapolis is home to the Mall of America, and who better to visit this destination than the shopaholic in your life? With over 500 stores located here, there is no doubt you’ll be able to grab everything on your shopping list and then some. Add in the restaurants and entertainment at this spot and you’ve literally got a whole day planned! Oh, did we mention there is a rollercoaster here too? It’s the perfect destination for friends and family of all ages.

Excellent Eats

There have always been incredible eats in Minneapolis, so you’re guaranteed to feast on what you’ve been craving. Including brunch, date spots, small bites, bars, high-end restaurants, and so many more locations for you to try, cuisine of all kinds and varieties is abundant in Minneapolis. Two of our personal favorites are Spoon and Stable and Young Joni (it’s okay, you can thank us later).

Author name: Lydia Matteoni