Whenís The Best Time To Visit Egypt?


If you like to combine great beaches with incredible culture and history when you’re planning a vacation, it’s hard to do better than Egypt. Modern Egypt is a thriving country, and its big cities have all the amenities you’re accustomed to at home, but new Egypt has been built around Ancient Egypt. Most of the great monuments of its past are still standing, and to see them with your own eyes is like gazing through a window of time into the distant past. That’s why it’s a ‘must-see’ vacation destination for so many people.

Although many of us would like to visit Egypt, itís important to time your trip properly. At some times of the year, many of the most popular tourist destinations are so crowded that itís difficult to enjoy the scenery. Thereís also the temperature to worry about – during the peak of the summer, Egypt is one of the hottest places on Earth. Nobody can enjoy a vacation while they feel like theyíre being baked – so it pays to know when to go!

Egypt is a beautiful country that deserves to be seen. From the stunning architecture of the pyramids to the majesty of the Nile, this is is the place that’s inspired a thousand works of fiction. It’s even inspired a series of mobile games on slots site. ‘Cleo’s Wish,’ ‘Ancient Egypt,’ ‘Tutankhamun’ and more have proved to be very popular with players who enjoy mobile slots, and the scenery makes for an entertaining backdrop while the reels are spinning. Fortunately, if you time your trip correctly, you won’t have to win a mobile slots jackpot to pay for your accommodation! The best time for you to go will depend a little on what you want to do while you’re there, so here are a few ideas.

For Cruising The Nile

The importance of the Nile to Ancient Egypt cannot be overstated, and is a matter of historical record. Without the Nile and the commerce and industry that itís brought to Egypt over the centuries, the country would be a very different place. The River Nile is almost sacred to Egyptians, and cruising down it is a real pleasure – one which you can make a whole day (or more!) out of. One of the best things about a Nile cruise is that you can stop off at a few places on the way, including the Valley of the Kings. The best time to go is anytime other than summer – so October at the earliest, and April at the latest. Temperatures outside of those months can become a little uncomfortable. Itís especially important to be temperature savvy when youíre in the middle of the Nile, because there isnít anywhere you can look for shade or shelter.

For Visiting The Red Sea

Summer might not be a great time to check out the Nile, but if youíre more interested in what the Red Sea has to offer you, go right ahead and book during the summer months. Because the Red Sea is on Egyptís coast, temperatures in and around it are far lower than elsewhere in the country. Hurghada is particularly popular as a beach resort, and is an excellent candidate for your base camp as you explore the region. You’ll find that the sea hovers at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the middle of the year, which is warm without being unbearable. You don’t want to go scuba diving in cold water, so in this case, a little heat is a bonus. June and September might make for better options than July or August – that’s the peak of the tourist season, and so it’s generally both more crowded and more expensive.

In General

Aside from those two specific locations and activities, early in the year is generally the best time to pay Egypt a visit. The sun wonít be at its hottest, the destinations youíre likely to want to visit wonít be at their most crowded, and prices wonít be at their peak. If you want to find a cheaper, more relaxed Egypt, then January and February are the best times to do it. Itíll still be warm no matter when you turn up, and all of the major attractions will be staffed and open. Many package tours specialize in winter breaks to Egypt, and youíll often find the prices are half of what youíd pay if you were considering visiting six months later.

When Not To Go

Just as important as knowing when to go is knowing when not to go! Egypt welcomes tourists all year round – tourism is vital to the economy – but there are certain times of year that youíll probably want to avoid. As an example, there are frequently sandstorms (known as Khamsin wind) during late March and early April, and nothing will spoil a trip to Luxor like having hot sand whipped into your face. Ramadan is also something to consider before you book. The precise dates of Ramadan will change a little every year, but it generally happens between May and June. Egypt has no objection to people visiting during Ramadan, but you might find that much of your destination town or city is closed down when you visit. Restaurants tend not to open at all until night time, and so it can be a little difficult to find somewhere to eat or drink while youíre out sightseeing. If you can cope with that, though, youíll be rewarded with night-time festivities as Egyptians break their fast for the day. They actively encourage tourists to join in!

No matter when you decide to go, the most important decision youíll make is resolving to go there in the first place. Everyone should see the pyramids with their own eyes at least once, and it really is a place like nowhere else on Earth. From the beach resorts to the museums, and the quiet of the Nile to the bustle of the markets and bazaars, thereís always something to see and something to do. If you’ve been before, then you don’t need us to convince you to pay it another visit, but if you’ve never been, consider correcting that issue at the earliest opportunity.

Image credit: Egypt via Gordana Adzieva/Shutterstock