What To See and Do In London

London! Truly one of the greatest cities on this planet. The diverse atmosphere, coupled with the long and rich history of England, makes this a must-visit destination for any lifetime.

For those who have just considered visiting London and would like to know a few things they can do and a few places they can visit, then you are in luck.

In this article, we have taken the liberty to outline a few places that you can visit and things you can do to have as much fun in London as you can. Of course, there can be plenty more, but to list just the main points its a good way to go.

What To See and Do In London

1 – British Museum

Hitting off the list is the British Museum. If you are traveling with your family and would like this trip to be not only fun and exciting but also educational, then look no further than the British Museum.

Home to a myriad of sculptures, artifacts, and MILLENIA of history all packaged and stowed away in the museum. Its been built quite long ago – we could say. Precisely, in 1753, by Sir Hans Sloane. During the long history of the United Kingdom, when the empire was gathering historical pieces from all over the world, the British Museum collection kept enlarging more and more, making nowadays one of the richest museums on the planet.

Your kids will be both entertained and educated a the same time.

Indeed a win-win for any parents.

2 – Buckingham Palace

What type of England trip would it be if you didn’t happen to visit the famed and perhaps, dare I say, MAIN ATTRACTION of London, the Buckingham Palace?

This would be like going to Washington, D.C, and not visiting the White House.

If you are visiting London, then this is a MUST place to visit. Maybe, by just looking at it, you could feel a warm breath of royalty coming towards you and immediately make you feel like a noble prince, or maybe the next king (despite Queen Elizabeth would have something to say about that).

3 – Piccadilly Circus

Yet another fun place for the family to visits. London is how to a variety of family-friendly places, and the Piccadilly Circus is easily one of the most exciting places to take your kids.

Especially after the Museum (although this is not a jab at the Museum).

Fun rides. Fun clowns. Fun atmosphere. This truly is going to be the highlight of your London vacation for your kids.

4 – London Pubs

Now, to visit a place strictly for the adults. London is home to a variety of GREAT PUBS. If you are looking to have a beautiful night out and to mingle with your friends and family, then visiting a few of London’s famed pubs can really light up your night.

To learn more about London pubs, join a typical pub crawl in London with the link provided.

5 – West End Theatre District

Lastly, on our list is the West End Theatre. Much like visiting New York and going to Broadway, so too is visiting London and heading out to the West End Theatre.

If you are into the arts, then this is truly a must-visit destination.

We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit

London is home to so much history and culture. If you are planning on visiting this beautiful city thaw home, the things we have listed to do will help to add more value to your vacation away.

So what to wait for? Go and have a happy and safe journey.