What is the Camino de Santiago?

camino de santiago

Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route along the roads of Spain, leading from its various corners to the city of Santiago de Compostela, to the Cathedral of St. James. Pilgrims paved the route to the holy relics of St. Iago more than 700 years ago, and this pilgrimage route is considered the third in the world in holiness after the Roman and Jerusalem. Today, it is the  most famous walking tour in Europe.

What is the charm of this place?

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Today, pilgrims follow the path of St. James for completely different reasons: deep religious motives, in search of spiritual, existential practices, acquaintance with historical and cultural sights, or just to be alone with nature, to walk around unfamiliar places, to make interesting photos . In  Camino walking tours there is a time for everything: to socialize, think, share your thoughts, be with yourself or comprehend your purpose.

First and foremost  charm appears in religious value for the whole world. Pilgrims travel here from all over Europe for monthly trips on foot. The ultimate goal of believers is to revere the relics of St. James (known in Spain as Santiago), which can miraculously heal a person.

Pilgrimage also provides an opportunity to touch the past, to know the present and plan the future. In this rapidly developing and conflict-filled world, for those walking along the path of St. James there is an opportunity to plunge into the era and space of the past, in which there is a place for you, to test your body and soul, then to resume or start anew your way. All this you will miss later.

Approaching Finisterre, which the Spaniards name as the end of the earth, traditionally, pilgrims burn their shoes and clothes at sunset or throw things into the ocean, and someone just comes to spend the sun, as a symbol of the end of their Path.

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The travelers say: On the Path there is a powerful energy, thousands of people with different fates walked along it for centuries, and when you think about it, you become a part of them, and it inspires. On popular routes you meet a lot of young people, someone goes in couples or even whole families. They learn not to hurry and enjoy the Path. You watch how they walk at their own pace, paying no attention to anyone, and once again make sure that happiness is not in kilometers. Such response inspires other people to travel in such breathtaking place.

To sum up, Camino is a metaphor of life itself. There will be ups and downs, detours, disappointments and fatigue, the joy of simple things, someone will be on the way, and you will say goodbye to someone, but with each step you move forward towards your goal and recognize yourself.