Visiting Las Vegas: A city of million dreams!

Las Vegas

Who has never seen a movie showing all those casinos, gambling, drinking, glamour and luxury of a trip to Las Vegas? Despite being considered as the city of sin, where “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, the city’s tourism has undergone a makeover for more than 20 years. Currently, Las Vegas is no longer recognized only by casinos, gambling, drinking and the youth. Nowadays, the destination is home to mega-events, great facilities, super shows and consecrated shows. It’s the entertainment city!

The fact is that Las Vegas is a city-shaped amusement park. And although the casinos still occupy the noblest spaces, inspiring tons of online casino services all around the world, the city has so many attractions, that you can spend a whole week without coming close to a nickel.

Due to all this and the fact that the mega-structure of the hotels in the city, Las Vegas has been a popular destination for families and couples.

How is Las Vegas?

The tourist part of the city is concentrated on the Strip, the main avenue where the main casinos and hotels are located. The Strip is a catwalk that takes you to a kind of round the world in a parallel universe. With a few steps you pass the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine, but a few blocks and you reach the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. If you continue walking you pass through Piazza San Marco in Venice, Caesar’s Palace, the pyramids and even the Sphinx of Giza.

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What is the best time to take a trip to Las Vegas?

This is a very important issue when talking about a trip to Las Vegas. The city is located in the heart of the Nevada desert. That is, in the summer months, June to August, it is a heat to kill. Maximum temperatures generally rise from 35 C and easily reach 40 C.

As it is desert, the winter is icy. The minimum temperatures arrive below 5C, and the maximum temperatures are at 15C.

So the best time for you to enjoy a trip to Las Vegas is the half-seasons – from March to May, and from September to November. In these months temperatures are much quieter and hardly rise beyond 30C and do not fall below 15C.

How to get to Las Vegas?

Getting to Las Vegas is not as easy as Miami or New York. For those who are going straight to Las Vegas and do not want to have trouble picking up their bags at the connecting destination and dispatching them again, the most interesting route is via Panama City. That way you do immigration directly in Las Vegas, not having to worry about your bags. If you are going to another destination in the United States first, or if you fly with the American airlines, you will do immigration at the connecting airport and you will need to re-pack your bags.

Another very interesting way to get to Las Vegas is by car from Los Angeles. The trip is pretty cool, it’s 430km, or about 5 hours, along a road that cuts through the desert. On the way you can still get to know a ghost town. That’s what you read? The city of Calico had its peak in the time of the gold and the silver of California, with the end of the mining, its inhabitants left the city. Today what remains of the small village is an open-air museum. It’s worth the stop.

Other interesting things

Another plus point of Las Vegas is that the city is not very big. For those arriving at the airport, it is possible to pick up an Uber for the major hotels for around $ 15. If you are alone and prefer, you can also take the shuttle that runs through the Strip, the avenue of hotels and casinos. Anyone who prefers can also rent a car. The city has a great offer of car rental companies and many sports cars. Whoever dreams of running a Camaro, or some other sporting luxury car, that may be your chance.

Las Vegas offers a million new things that might not be found in other places, but remember, be wise!

Image Credits: Las Vegas from f11photo/Shutterstock