Visiting Costa del Sol After Covid-19

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Since its emergence in China towards the end of 2019, Covid-19 has changed the way people around the world socialize and do business. One of the hardest-hit sectors has been tourism, which ranks third as the largest export in the world. There is no single nation where the pandemic has not affected local and international tourism, affected livelihoods, and greatly impacted the economy. Costa del Sol, Spain has not been spared.

However, the rolling out of mass vaccinations around the world has brought a ray of hope that life might be going back to normal pretty soon, where people will be able to travel and socialize freely once more. Once that happens and controls at airports improved for safety, the luxurious yet affordable Costa del Sol rentals in villas and apartments will be waiting to welcome you. In the meantime, continue observing social distance, masking up, sanitizing, and getting vaccinated.

Proposed Measures Towards Costa del Sol’s Tourism Recovery

Spain’s tourism sector has greatly suffered the devastating effects of covid-19, but it is still being seen as the key sector that will help the economy recover and create employment. At the recently organized SUR’s Tourism and Covid forum, the industry representatives relayed some demands that they expected the authorities to input and included:

  • Creation of some sea or air safe travel corridors
  • Extension of ERTE furloughing scheme by the government to 30th June 2021.
  • Reduction of the industry’s IVA to 7%.
  • Extension of the grace period on ICO credit institute loans’ repayments.
  • Airport taxes reduction for airlines.
  • Launching Costa del Sol promotion campaigns.

Reyes Maroto, the cabinet minister, confirmed that the government was working on a safe travel strategy that would be approved once the infection curve was flattened, which would integrate screening at both the points of origin and destination. The minister also announced the government’s plan to extend the loan repayments’ grace period “for as long as necessary”

Why Should You Book Costa del Sol Rentals with Luxury Rentals?

  • You can rent a safe and clean luxurious apartment or villa all year round, where cleaning and safety regulations are strictly applied.
  • Luxury Rentals Costa del Sol is a family-operated business with a personal presence in the region, that takes pride in giving all its guests personal, VIP treatment.
  • All Costa del Sol rentals are in prime locations with close proximity to the beaches, nightlife venues, restaurants, and Malaga airport. They are all well-furnished, have free Wi-Fi, and a pool (private for the villas, shared for the apartments).
  • Holiday rentals Costa del Sol has partnered with other specialized partners to provide their guests with extra services for an exciting, local adventure. Some of these services in and around the house include party catering, maid service, in-house chef, make-up service, airport transfers, taxi/limousine service, beauticians, and wedding planners.


Costa del Sol is famous for its beautiful beaches and sunny climate and lives off tourism. There is so much that you can do there while on holiday; from relaxing on the beach, engaging in water sports like surfing or paddleboarding, going on jeep safaris, mountain bike tours, horse riding, whale & dolphin watching, wellness and spa, and so much more.