UAE’s New Rules for the Golden Visa in 2022

Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates has always had a positive attitude towards foreigners who can improve the lives of UAE residents in one way or another. The country has special visa rules for citizens of other countries. In September 2022, these rules will undergo some changes, which, according to the plan of the UAE government, should attract more foreign specialists.

What will the new visa rules in the UAE change?

The main goal of the changes in visa rules is to attract as many foreign investors and professionals as possible, who will be able to positively influence the development of the state’s economy. A smart decision, given that the UAE residence permit is already somewhat popular, although many foreign investors still prefer to participate in other programs, such as Republic of Dominica citizenship by investment.

Changes in the UAE visa regulations are mainly aimed at:

  • Simplification of visa requirements;
  • Extension of the permitted period of residence in the UAE;
  • Expanding the types of categories, the purpose of which is to attract foreign highly qualified students, businessmen, etc.

The changes will affect Golden Visas, Green Visas, and Visit Visas. Foreigners who plan to obtain residency in the UAE or simply visit this country should be aware of the new rules so as not to have problems.

UAE Golden Visa rules 2022

Foreigners who have received a Golden Visa can stay in the territory of the United Arab Emirates for 10 years. From September 2022, such visas will have updated criteria and categories.

The updated rules state that Golden Visa holders can now stay outside the country indefinitely. In addition, they can sponsor their family members who wish to be in the UAE

UAE Golden Visa requirements

  • Requirements for researchers

Scientists who wish to obtain a Golden Visa must have significant achievements in their field of work. The Council of Scientists of the Emirates determines whether a candidate has sufficient influence in science. The application will only be considered if the applicant has a Master’s or Doctoral degree from the best universities in the world.

  • Requirements for schoolchildren and university graduates

The new UAE visa rules allow obtaining a Golden Visa for excellent students of secondary schools and universities in this country. Foreigners can participate in this program provided that they are graduates of one of the top 100 universities in the world with excellent results.

  • Requirements for businessmen

Entrepreneurs can obtain a Golden Visa subject to the following rules:

  • The businessman owns (or is a partner in) a startup that is registered in the UAE in the category of small and medium enterprises.
  • The minimum annual income from this business is AED 1 million.
  • The Ministry of Economy or local authorities must approve the startup.
  • Requirements for specialists

The best specialists in the fields of sports, arts, etc. can only obtain a Golden Visa after the approval of the local or federal government.

  • Requirements for professionals

Highly educated and qualified workers who are employed in the country and earn at least AED 30,000 per month can obtain a Golden Visa after approval by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

UAE visa rules for green and visit visas

A green visa allows you to live in the UAE for 5 years. Investors, freelancers, and skilled workers can get it. The new rules allow the holder of a green visa to bring family members to the United Arab Emirates. According to Evgeniya Morozova, an expert from the Immigrant Invest agency, after the cancellation (or expiration) of their residence permit, they have a six-month grace period.

Visitor visas allow staying in the UAE for up to 60 days. There is a special visitor visa for job search.