Trips around Dubai in luxury cars on super roads

Dubai in luxury cars

When arriving in Dubai, many tourists and guests of the Arab metropolis feel as if they are in the city of the future. Looking at the incredible skyscrapers, amazing man-made wonders and road structures, it seems that nothing is impossible here. And if sheikhs here drive golden limousines, then why not a simple tourist with an extra thousand dollars take a ride in a car available only to the richest inhabitants of the planet.

What luxury cars are offered to tourists in Dubai?

The automotive industry offers car enthusiasts cars of various classes. Even the simplest models are divided by configuration – basic, medium, luxury. And among expensive cars, differentiation and status come to the fore.

Wealthy clients are offered luxury, premium, luxury cars. They cost millions of dollars and allow every owner of a large fortune to satisfy his vanity. Thanks to companies offering luxury car leasing in Dubai, any holder of an international driving license can drive the car of their dreams.

What expensive cars can you rent in Dubai:

  • Rolls-Royce;
  • McLaren;
  • Lamborghini;
  • Bugatti;
  • Jaguar;
  • Land Rover;
  • Bentley
  • Aston Martin
  • Mercedes and others.

Whether you are looking for a luxury supercar rental such as a Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini, luxury SUV such as a Mercedes Benz or a Range Rover, car rental companies have you covered. You can easily find the luxury car of your dreams and enjoy a weekend to remember in Dubai.

Luxury vehicles come with more potent motors, elegant interiors, superb handling, and a variety of extra amenities that guarantee a comfortable ride.

A luxury automobile can be rented for one day, one week, or a month. Whether you’re organizing a business conference, a family holiday, or an amazing vacation in Dubai, hiring a supercar will be the ideal answer.

Rental prices for high-quality cars start from a thousand dollars. There are limousines and sports cars that cost more than $4,000 a day to rent. And if the cost of these cars is considered prohibitive for most car enthusiasts, then many can afford a day or two of rental. Therefore, the demand for such services in Dubai is stable.

Rent a sports car in Dubai

For a very long time, sports vehicles have captivated the hearts of auto lovers everywhere. And all of this is made possible by strong engines, incredible speeds, quick acceleration, and superb agility.

Modern sports car models also boast the latest technologies, enhanced safety features, simplicity of use, comfort and beautiful appearance.

If you are searching for a certain car for your trip, you will definitely find what you want in Dubai. You can rent a sports car with two or four seats configuration, coupe or convertible with an open top. In the rental car park you will see the legendary Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc. at the best prices.

Why do people choose very expensive cars?

The car has long become the most important factor in a person’s status. The brand and model of a car is an eloquent fact that indicates a person’s position in society, his financial condition and social status. Nothing, it seems, of the external attributes of life is more important to a person today than a car. At the same time, everyone strives to acquire the maximum for their financial capabilities.

The reasons for buying expensive cars:

  1. I want attention, including from complete strangers;
  2. the ability to develop super-speed in a car – this is only available to super-expensive sports cars;
  3. maintaining status and reputation;
  4. in business, a car serves as a kind of business card;
  5. investing – buying a luxury limousine is akin to purchasing real estate;
  6. high quality and durability;
  7. increased self-esteem;
  8. dream come true.

Arab sheikhs reached the pinnacle of vanity in purchasing luxury cars. Having fabulous fortunes, they are not satisfied with expensive Rolls-Royces; they need exclusive models, trimmed with gold and other precious materials. There are sheikhs who try to express their power and greatness by purchasing cars that are many times enlarged copies of popular SUVs.


Expensive cars are an important part of the market, driving technological progress in auto production. When creating luxury cars, developers and designers work on new technologies, materials, and technical solutions. Sooner or later, many innovations implemented in expensive models move to the public segment.