Travelling Soon? Here’s How to Keep Yourself Amused on the Road


The idea of travelling is all sorts of amazing, which is why a lot of people spend their time—and disposable income—seeing the world. But while visiting another city or country is an exciting experience, the time that it takes to get there can be the most excruciating part. Think about long layovers, delays, traffic, long hours on the road and just about anything that means downtime.

But before you give up on travelling just because the real “travel” part is boring, here are some ways to keep yourself amused while on the road—whether it’s on a 16-hour flight or a one day road trip:

1. Read articles that you’re interested in

It could be that article about interior design, some photos of favorite celebrity couple or a business video. You probably stumbled upon a write-up or two on the Internet but never had the time to read it. So, why not go back to them while you’re on that five-hour plane ride? Pocket is a free app where you can save articles, videos and images from your browser or from more than 1,500 apps like Flipboard and Twitter.

When you finally have the time to read them, you can just open Pocket with no connection required and you can enjoy your favorite content without any distractions. How cool is that?

2. Play a good game of gambling

Who says you can’t win some money while you’re travelling? If you’ll be spending the next few hours waiting at the airport, on a train or in a car, make it worthwhile by playing real money blackjack through your iPad or mobile phone. There is good reason gambling is still one of the favorite pastimes around the world—because it’s fun and entertaining. Who wants to say no to some money anyway? The advent of technology has made it possible to play your favorite casino games and even place your bets using your mobile device, so take advantage of it.

3. Learn a new language

Language barrier is one of the biggest challenges of travel, but you can always learn the basic phrases of the country you’re travelling in while you’re on the road. If bringing that phrasebook isn’t your thing, you can always download the Duolingo app where you can learn a few essential phrases to get you through your trip without any confusion.

Plus, the locals are always impressed with the effort, so it’s a huge advantage on your end. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn while on that long haul to your destination.

4. Get some peace of mind

Sometimes, it’s hard to put yourself on that vacation mindset because of all the things you left behind at home. But if you really want to enjoy your break, you have to start with some peace of mind. Calling itself “a gym membership for your mind,” Headspace is a free app that teaches you how to meditate while you’re on a bus, train or airplane within ten minutes. You’ll surely thank yourself for clearing your head before you embark on your adventure.

5. Plan your trip

So, you’re the spontaneous spirit who loves to book a ticket, pack a bag and just let things be. While there’s always fun in spontaneity, there is also the reality that an unplanned trip may not give you the best experience. So, if you didn’t have time planning your vacation before you left, use that three-hour layover at the airport or that 10-hour long flight to get organized.

Buy a travel guide at the airport and plan your itinerary so you can already start exploring after arriving at your destination. Make a list of everything you want to see, experience or do so you can save time and really enjoy every minute of your trip.

A bonus trick

So, what if you’re not the type to watch a movie, enjoy a podcast or meditate? You can go crafty instead. Long haul flights can be excruciating, especially if you’re the kind of person who can’t stay still or be confined in a small space for a long time. So, what you need is a complete distraction of the senses.

How about coloring for fun? Adult coloring books are such a huge trend because they help people focus on what they do and forget about the world around them, even for a few hours. Find a coloring book that you like, grab some coloring pencils and start coloring away while on that long haul. Before you know it, you’re already on your destination and ready to see the world with a more colorful perspective.

Image credit: Travelling via Twinsterphoto/Shutterstock