Traveling To South Africa: A Travel Guide

South Africa

There is a saying that he who travels a lot sees things and is more enlightened than the person who lives long. Travelling affords you the privilege of seeing the world. For several reasons ranging from studies, tours, work, etc., people travel to different places in the world.

Someone once said if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, itís lethal. Perhaps you have been planning your next trip to run away from the routine and monotony of your present location, there are amazing places you can travel to. One of those places in South Africa.

Getting your visa to South Africa

Of course, you know before you travel anywhere, you need to get a visa. Getting visas involve procedures and South Africa Visa is no exception. These procedures can be hectic sometimes especially if you have complications with your papers. There is an eVisa available for eligible citizens who want to travel to South Africa for a short stay. In a bid to boost tourism, the South African government introduced an online visa to facilitate the process of getting a South African tourist visa. Presently, the pilot scheme is open to citizens of New Zealand but other eligible countries will be announced after the pilot scheme is concluded.

Traveling to South Africa

South Africa is one of the best places you can travel to for a long and a short stay. Talk about the great wine of South Africa. You certainly canít overlook the wonderful and glorious array of wildlife, the magnificent and exotic mountains, and the beautiful beaches you get to cool off. South Africa is big and you cannot be at every place. There are some locations you will visit and you will have a great story to tell.

Before you embark on your trip, you need to have a concrete plan. When you get to South Africa, here are some suggestions you should heed to make your trip a smooth one.

Consider Your Financial Capacity: Before you embark on your trip, you should consider your financial strength to know if you can afford it or if it is an unaffordable luxury to you at the moment. You should consider the exchange rate of the currency in your location to South African currency. This calculation will help you know if you can afford it. You should also draw out a list of your necessities and prioritize them.  

Explore: You should visit exotic places. Johannesburg has superb museums like the Apartheid Museum, the Cradle of Humankind, and the Sterkfontein Caves that will provide you with entertainment and history. If you are interested in street art, Maboneng is the place to be. South Africans are good at music. You might want to watch in a live performance. You may have read and learned about South Africa. This adventure is your chance to have firsthand experience with them and get to ask the questions you have had.

When it comes to food, South Africa has a lot to offer. But be careful, raw food could be contaminated with bacteria which could cause typhoid fever, cholera, E. coli, and many other food- and water-transmitted diseases. Websites like CDC and TravelHealthConnect imply that you should consult your physician about any vaccines you might need. A place like the V&A Waterfront offers you more than food. The entertainment is irresistible.

The street artists, the craft markets and other fun packages are unbeatable. The array of food, especially the large oysters, will more than satisfy your appetite. If you are in Cape Town, donít fail to explore it!

Plan to have fun: Plan to have fun on your trip. There are great guided tours you can explore Ė Johannesburg and Soweto Apartheid Full Day Tour, Cradle of Humankind Tour, 1 or 2 Day Johannesburg Hop-On, and Hop-Off Tour. You should take out the time to learn the history behind their historical sites and tourist centers. 

Accommodation: Before traveling, you should have plans of where to stay all through. You may want to check out hotels to lodge in or an apartment or studio that is within your budget. Hotels like Curiosity Backpack in Maboneng, Leboís Soweto Backpackers, and The Aviator in Kempton Park are great suggestions if you are in Johannesburg or Soweto.

Be Friendly and Open-Minded to Learn: Every place and people have ways of doing things. To make your stay successful and fun, you will have to drop the aura of being a stranger and mix with the people you come across. As Mark Twain will say, travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.

You donít want to say something out of place. You want to learn about their arts and culture. You should pick up words and phrases in languages like Zulu, Afrikaans, Ndebele, or any other language of your choice. You can only achieve this feat if you mix with the people. You can communicate in English but an extra language can be handy. If you are interested enough, you can visit their libraries and learn one or two things. Someone can only open up and answer the questions you have been nursing if you are friends with them.

You may want to get something to remember your trip. Something peculiar to South Africa liketheir artworks. If you like artwork, you will appreciate their culture and artworks generally. If you are a book lover, you may want to get some books, especially those that may be rare in your country.

You should make sure to capture every moment. Take your camera along or you may use your smartphone. Making videos and snapping a picture is fun. It is more fun when you capture funny moments.


If you are thinking of traveling and your considerations are inhibiting you, remember Ďfear is only temporary, regrets last foreverí. Traveling to South Africa is a great choice that you will not regret making. South Africa is interesting and visiting the country will be an interesting experience. If you plan appropriately, you will have no sad tales to tell. These suggestions are meant to help you have the greatest fun of your life. You can adjust them to suit you better. Have great fun on your trip!

Image credit: South Africa via ModernNomad/Shutterstock