Traveling Tips For Seniors

Senior Tourists on Family Tip

Traveling can be stressful especially for a senior as mobility can be limited. However, at the same time, enjoying the golden years going to different places should not be limited because of age. On the contrary, go out and enjoy. There are some tips to keep in mind to make sure it turns into a memorable trip and not the other way around.

A senior especially one with limited mobility should always travel with a companion. Whether it be a child, a spouse, family member or friend, someone should always be there. Lots of times leaving the comfort of one’s home, adds difficulties as they are in a new place. Having someone to help carry the luggage, unpack and get in and out of a car can be a huge help. Lots of airlines will be very accommodating and will allow a senior to be wheeled onto the plane in a wheelchair. There are lots of lightweight transport chairs that can be used for this, that can be easily folded and put on top of the seats. Some airlines will even have their own employees help getting a senior in and out of the plane. If possible, book a non-stop flight to wherever you are going. Flying for anyone is extremely tiring and exhausting, especially for a senior. This also limits the amount of times of getting on and off the plane.

Depending on the nature of the trip, lots of places have a senior discount. Before booking anything always search online or maybe even call to see if there’s any available discounts. Some senior insurances also have some perks that can be used. Some places also have special deals and promotions for veterans, so if the senior is also a veteran, you can take advantage of both deals.

Always have any medication that is needed with you. This is extremely important as well as dangerous if the medication is not taken. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a random place without the necessary medication. If there is extra, maybe take that along so that you know for sure you won’t run out.  Being away from the regular daily routines, can get disorienting and can cause confusion. It is extremely important to set some type of reminder to take any medication. If taking a long flight, its probably smarter to not pack it in the suite cases but rather have it handy in the carry on luggage. Some seniors who have incontinent issues should make sure to bring along the correct supplies that is needed. They should make sure that they are fully prepared for this trip as you don’t want to be in any uncomfortable situation. A smart idea is to put an adult bed pads on the chair of the plane to make sure everything is protected.

Another good idea is to travel during the day time. Be in touch at all times with family members at home. Everyone loves seeing pictures and videos, send them, as well as talking on the phone. This way loved ones at home can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are safe and that all is good. Don’t push yourself to hard, take it easy and enjoy the travel.