Touring Portlandís Peninsula


The Portland, Maine Peninsula is a long thin strip of land that stretches along the coast of the Casco Bay, at the eastern edge of Maine. It’s divided into two by a wide, tidal river called the Passagassawakeag River.

Portland is surrounded by water on three sides and has beautiful views of Penobscot Bay and Casco Bay. The peninsula is home to some great ski areas as well as some impressive summertime destinations such as Old Orchard Beach and Cape Elizabeth. All of this has made Portland a hot place to live. Portland Maine apartments are a hot commodity and houses donít last on the market very long. 

This article gives some information about what to do when visiting Portland’s Peninsula.

Allagash Brewery

Portland Maine is a city rich in culture and history. It is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, an invention recognized worldwide. One of the iconic places you can visit in Portland is the Allagash Brewery.

Portlandís brewery offers visitors an opportunity to learn about beer-making at its finest while tasting what has been called ďsome of the best beer in America.Ē

Visitors will find that they are given free samples before being allowed to purchase their own for home or office consumption, which can be purchased up to 6 cases at a time for home. Consumers are given bottles to take with them when they leave as well.

Old Port

Walking around Old Port in Portland, Maine is a must-do activity for tourists. This area has a lot of historical sites and landmarks that make it a memorable experience.

Portland, Maine is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America with its beautiful natural landscapes and architecture. If you want to explore the cityís history, this is one of the best places to visit as there are many old buildings and museums that showcase the cityís past.

The walk around Old Port will take you through different neighborhoods and scenery – from maritime era homes to modern skyscrapers.

If you are planning on visiting Portland, we highly recommend walking around this well-known part of town!

Casco Bay Islands

Portland is a city that boasts beautiful views of Casco Bay Islands. The islands are home to the largest nesting population of great blue herons in North America.

The Casco Bay Islands in Portland, Maine offer a spectacular view of the ocean and offer activities such as hiking, biking, boating and kayaking. You can explore the islands by renting a kayak or paddle boat from one of the outfitters on the island.

Harbor Fish Market

After a long day of work, you deserve a relaxing dinner. Why not have a seafood dinner at the Harbor Fish Market in Portland, Maine? Itís a great place for any seafood lover, and they have a variety of fresh fishes and other food items to choose from.

Portland is home to some amazing restaurants like the Harbor Fish Market where you can find some delicious seafood dishes. The fish market has many different types of seafood, but they also offer other food options like burgers, sandwiches or salads that are all made with fresh ingredients.