Top September Staycation Ideas

Staycation Ideas

September is the last month of the summer season and a great time for a last-minute break to make the most of it. But with travelling abroad still lingering under a question mark for many of us what with the ramifications of COVID-19, what potential staycation ideas could UK holidaymakers be considering for a late-summer getaway?

City break – A city break doesn’t need to involve jetting off the Barcelona or Prague, there are plenty of incredible cities in the UK. Indeed, there might be areas of London you haven’t explored yet that could offer up hours of entertainment. Given that a train from Clapham Junction to Thornton Heath takes literal minutes, if you are a suburban family living on the fringes of London then there are hundreds of options to explore. Or maybe you’d prefer to venture south to Brighton and hit the seaside? Or North to Liverpool and explore the home of the Beatles?

Hit the seaside – Currently, we’re experiencing the start of a little Indian summer, with temperatures still regularly hitting the mid-20s and sunshine blessing many of our weekends. So, while June, July and August might be the prime times for beach action, there are still beaches in Cornwall, Devon, Wales and even Somerset that are the envy of the continent.

Hiking – Just a couple of hours from the centre of London you’ll mind mile after mile of unspoilt coastline and dozens of adorable quaint little villages. These are the kind of environments it’s easy to get absolutely lost in and spend a weekend break walking around, getting the locals and finding new little hiking trails to explore. You’ll probably find more than a few amazing pubs too and there’s nothing quite like a long hike followed by a decadent pub dinner and a few pints of local ale!

Getting away from it all – If even the idea of a city break or a few days at the beach leaves you feeling a little anxious given the current climate, why not book a quaint little cottage in the middle f nowhere and try to forget about the world and its worries for a while? A  quick glance on Airbnb and you’ll undoubtedly find hundreds of beautiful little escapes ready to welcome you with open arms. Treat yourself and go for one with a hot tub or a swimming pool and you’ll feel like a real VIP! It’s the stuff staycation dreams are made of!