Top Rooftop Views to Experience in East London, UK


When it comes to outdoor bars and restaurants, East London has a plethora of rooftop options. Make the most of them while there is still sunshine before moving to the underground bars with the snowy season coming over.

If you are looking for the best rooftop views to experience in East London, we have got you covered.

From Central London views to grassy vantages, and steakhouses to rollerblading bars, we have got you the best of all rooftops from the London Skyline.

Top 5 Rooftop views in East London

1. Aviary

Aviary, although is a newbie in the list of Rooftops, has carved a place for itself in the top list in less time. Situated on the 10th floor of the Montcalm Royal London House, it is considered one of the best Finsbury Square Restaurants.

It can be said that Aviary is an ornithological paradise in the busy streets of East London. The seating area is filled with comfortable sofas and chairs across the tables, offering fabulous views of the City.

This Rooftop restaurant gives you a feel of the modern and stylish atmosphere. As far as their menu is considered, you can easily pick and eat any of the items listed, as all of them are equally finger licking. Their cocktails are mostly made of natural ingredients and are based on a botanical theme.

Aviary is a perfect rooftop for corporate events, a private date night, a fine-dine with family or even for some drinks with buddies.

2. Dalston Roof Park

Popularly known as a standard rooftop restaurant and bar, it also offersdiverse programmeslike movie screenings, stand-up comedy shows, supper clubs, yoga sessions,and various other gigs.

The Dalston is furnished with eclectic furniture and is covered with white fencing that gives it the look of a garden party or house party.Exotic drinks served in mere plastic cups further the feeling of the house party.

You have seating options to choose from; a party area with loud music and dim lights, or a brightly lit relaxed seating area. All of these collectively make Dalston one of the best Rooftops in East London.

3. Queen of Hoxton

One of the best and most sought-after Rooftop bars in East London, Queen of Hoxton is famous for its twice-yearly themes. It transforms its rooftop into something special and unique every twice-yearly.So, you can expect an urbanized garden view in summer and a warm fire-log area in winter.

Along with the interiors, their menu also has themed makeovers, so you can expect a wide variety of cuisines and food items to choose from depending on their theme.

But the place can be heavily occupied given its fame and popularity. So, the best time to visit Queen of Hoxton is eitherimmediately after work, or dropping by late in the night, when the crowd is comparatively less.

4. Netil360 at Netil House

Netil House is an art gallery/studio/workspace kind of Rooftop, that also hosts fine day parties and more. The interiors are rather pared down, which makes it different from its other colorful counterparts. But nonetheless, their calendar is always busy and bustling with events.

The Netil360 has got striking views to look at from the rooftopand is filled with a lot of fun things to do like a cinema tent, hot tubs, a croquet lawn and more. Overall, it is an all-inclusive rooftop where you can also work in comfort with a hot cup of coffee or have a fine dine date with cocktails.

The bar is filled up with fine wines from across the world and is also stocked with local favorites.

5. Skylight

Skylight is another very popular Rooftop restaurant in East London.It is situated atop Tobacco Dock and is themed around an urban lawn club.Skylight, the 3-storeyed restaurantoffers multiple bars, petanque courts, croquet lawns, as well as street food stalls, set against the finest views from across the Rooftop.

Offering some of the exciting, exotic and unique names in the street food section, Skylight prides itself as a foodie’s paradise.This is definitely a not-to-miss place where you can have a great time friend, family or colleagues and enjoy a game or two.


These are only a few of the many Rooftop views situated in the London Skyline. We have picked some of the best ones for you to relish and have the time of your life.

These Rooftop bar and restaurants are a great experience in itself to visit and witness their beauty amidst East London.