Gateway of India

Being the capital of Maharashtra Mumbai is definitely one of the important megacities in the whole Indian subcontinent. With more than ten million people living in this city, you can assess the diversities in both the culture and the religions.

Considering the rich history of the city, a lot of places are there to visit, including the Elephanta caves and the Art Deco museum. The richness of its history starts from the time when the Marathas used to rule the land. Since then, it has been a center of political and cultural attention. After all, it became a major point in the British Raj.

Mumbai has the biggest prolific of the film industries, Asia’s biggest slum and the largest of the tropical forest in the urban zone. This city attracts most of the tourists because of the majestic treasures it has.

So, if you are eager of visiting the city in your next vacation, then here is a list of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

1. Marine Drive

It starts from the north of the Nariman Point and ends at one of the famous places of Mumbai, named Chowpatty beach. In fact, the marine drive is said to be the Queen’s necklace, because of its curvature and the shining lights in the evening.

2. Gateway of India

Built in 1924, the Gateway of India was initially built in the honor of King George V and Queen Mary. Basalt was used to construct the entire architecture. It was constructed in a way where it towers over the Arabian Sea, giving an ethereal view of the water. Though the style of architecture is Indo-Saracenic, you can find the traces of Muslim architecture too.

3. Colaba Causeway

It is the one of the most crowded and the electrifying places to visit in Mumbai. This place is famous for the shopping paradise, owing to the numerous shops.The place has its own charm, which acts as a magnet and attracts people from everywhere, regardless of their community and culture.

4. Elephanta Caves.

These caves are the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elephanta caves are the complete specimen of the art of rocks and the unique architecture from the time of the medieval Indi. It is an Island and is situated around 11 km from the city Mumbai.

5. Juhu Beach

It is the most popular beach in the city of Mumbai. This beach is situated near the Andheri and is one of the most beautiful beaches. The main attraction lies in the fact that it is the home to many Bollywood celebrities and in fact, most of the films are shot in this area.

6. Siddhi Vinayak Temple

Here, Lord Ganesha is worshipped and is perhaps, one of the most divine pilgrim spots in the whole country. The locals of the place put their immense faith in the magical wonders of this temple. Being the centre of such a religious culture, it is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

7. Essel World

The best themed amusement and water park in India are the Essel World. This waterpark is located on the edge of the northern suburbs and is famous for the fun activities you can have during your vacation.