Top destinations in Thailand that are worth a visit.


Thailand is an exceptionally diverse country which has very distinctive destinations to offer. When planning a trip to Thailand, it is very easy for most western travelers to get confused about picking their preferred holiday destination. This list will help you pick the right holiday spot in the country for yourself.  


Bangkok is the capital city and an urban metropolis of the country. However, most tourists use Bangkok as merely a transit port to get connecting flights to other destinations in the country. Despite the fact that Bangkok hosts mainly business tourists, itís important as a leisure tourist destination cannot be undermined. Despite being a commercial and economic hub of the country with skyscrapers dotting the skyline, Bangkok has everything that a leisure tourist would look for in a holiday destination.

The city is full of crazy Nightlife with bars, nightclubs, discos, casinos, and booze everything that you would wish for at a happening tourist destination. Besides that, Bangkok is popular around the world for its delicious cuisine and a wide would ID or scrumptious food options from all around the world. When it comes to attractions and sightseeing Bangkok offers some of the best ones with amazing theme parks. Wildlife Safari and elephant sanctuary, and tours of historical temples and ancient ruins.


Majority of tourists who travel to Thailand pock Phuket as their favorite holiday destination. Despite being an island, Phuket has so much to offer that it is usually impossible to cover everything that it offers and a single trip. You can easily spend an entire week holiday in the single town of Phuket without getting bored. Although the island was developed much before, it got major limelight when it first emerged in a Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Beach. Phuket has some of the best beaches in the world with emerald and turquoise water and white soft sand. Most of these beaches have their own distinct features with drop dead gorgeous limestone formations and undersea caves. Besides the beach and water, it also offers exciting nightlife great shopping and loads of exciting adventures and attractions.


If the touristy Phuket is not your cup of tea, and your holiday means an exotic and secluded retreat you can head to the neighboring Riley beach. Riley essentially is part of Krabi but is secluded from other neighboring islands and beaches which makes it a very calm and Sareen destination. The minimum traffic and economic activity have helped to ensure that the beach remains largely unpolluted and as close to nature as possible. You will not hear loud music blaring out of loudspeakers and noisy nightclubs. In fact, Riley is more about them calmness and serenity where you can spend some time Indulging in the treasures of Nature.

Chiang Mei

Why you generally tend to associate tiling with everything beach and water, the interesting fact is that it also offers a beautiful retreat in the highlands. Although Chiang Mei is not very popular, however, it is one of the most beautiful towns in the country. The most unique feature of Chang Mei Is that it is in the highlands above sea level with a much cooler and pleasant temperature which is a perfect way to escape from the hot and humid beaches and cities. Once in Chiang Mei, you will find yourself surrounded by terraced rice paddies, beautiful farms and valleys, and mountains with dense rainforests. Although you will find little entertainment and nightlife in Chang my, it has a lot of sightseeing options that include beautiful ancient temples, waterfalls and culturally rich local villages.† You can book online Chiang Mei tours according to your own preferences.

Image credit: Thailand†via Siam vector/Shutterstock