Top 9 Cool Yet Essential Backpacking Items To Ease Your Next Adventure in 2020

Standing young woman with backpack and mountains

Backpacking and travelling to new places let you escape your hectic daily schedule and fill you with the much-needed adrenaline? Decided to leave the comfort of your home with just a few necessities to survive? Not sure what to pack?

To determine what you need depends upon the length of your stay and the destination. Although some things must always be a part of your packing checklist for the best experience. Below is the list of everything you would need for your backpacking trip in 2020.

  1. Cabin Style Tent – Wish to feel like home in the wilderness? Take a cabin style tent along wherever your adventure takes you and sleep in a cosy room like environment. Modern cabin style tents are easy to assemble and make, come with dividers that take care of privacy (in case you are travelling in a group), have windows for proper ventilation, and have zippered doors for security purposes.

  2.  Packing Pouches/Cubes – Backpacks do not usually have compartments, and it becomes tough to manage everything without them. If you’re a person who likes to keep everything organised while backpacking, packing cubes are great to make temporary compartments for all your essentials, for example, you can use small cubes for your socks and underwear, while medium to large pouches can comfortably accommodate your clothes for the entire trip.

  3. Navigation Equipment – Our world revolves around our smartphones, but going into the wilderness can mean that you won’t find a stable internet connection. It is then time to put your smartphone to rest and use the old school navigation equipment like the compass, maps, and a personal location beacon (to send your location in case of an emergency). These tools will make sure that you do not get lost and easily find your way.

  4. Power Bank – Bloggers use their smartphones more than usual, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t run out of battery (smartphones are power-hungry). It is always a good idea to be on the safe side in the woods and other remote locations; always keep a power bank in your backpack.

  5. Pocket Blanket – Heading towards the hills but wish to pack light? A pocket blanket is what you need. It can easily accommodate two adults and fits in your pocket when not in use – a must-have for all the outdoor adventures one can imagine.

  6. Tactical Pants – Another great way to ensure that you pack light is by keeping a pair of multi-purpose tactical pants like the 5.11 Strykr Pants. They will help you keep all the necessary items within a hand’s reach, be extremely comfortable while challenging hikes, and make a style statement when backpacking through the city.

  7. Toiletry Bag – Most backpackers know that staying in hostels is the best way to explore a city on a budget. Staying in hostels also means that the bathrooms will be shared and will lack the necessary storage space for your toiletries. You cannot just put all your toiletries in any bag, purchase a unique toiletry bag (with compartments) to keep all your toiletries and clothes organised.

Please note: Your Toiletry Bag should come with a hook so that you can easily hang it while you shower.

  8. Microfiber Towel – Backpackers are forced to pack a hand-towel because of space constraints, but not anymore. A Microfiber towel is light, takes less space, and dries up quickly – making it an essential must-have for every backpacker.

9. Extra Water – It is good not to carry anything extra while backpacking, but it is also necessary to keep yourself hydrated while on the go. Most backpacking locations can be remote where finding clean drinking water will not be easy. Always keep some extra water in your backpack.

And Finally

Going to remote locations might sound fun, but it is not an easy task. It would be best if you choose what to carry and what not to. The things mentioned above will be more than sufficient for all the travelling adventures that you’re planning in 2020.