Top 8 Comfortable Shoes Under Budget for Travelers: 2021 Edition

Comfortable Shoes

You must have heard about the phrase, “I let my feet decide where to go!” Well, for a traveler, it is a bit more than a feet-shoe coalition to decide the destination. Every time we set out from our home, it is important that we wear appropriate shoes so that our legs don’t feel the fatigue even after hours of trekking, jogging, or even casual walk. But before you do that, it is important that you are aware of the best comfortable shoes meant for you. You can choose comfortable shoes with the help of offers like ‘Buy one and get one at 50% off with the use of Famous Footwear coupons.

In this article, we will be discussing the top eight comfortable shoes within budget for travelers. We will be discussing the major categories of traveler shoes initially.

  1. Hiking shoes/boots

For hiking enthusiasts, protective gears and shoes with strong grip hold the utmost grip. Hiking shoes are majorly bland and conventional-looking as compared to similar active gear and sports shoes but it is their capability that matters the most. One of the best shoes in this category is the World Vue Oxford. You can polish them and wear them with your office outfit and no one would bat an eye and the next morning you can go hiking with your friends and they would fit in the situation well. These pairs of hiking shoes are available at a discounted price of $38.50 on Amazon’s website that must be checked out.

  1. Sneakers

You might be questioning Sneakers’ placement on this list but let us tell you sneakers are the best companions for a budget traveler. If you are not looking for an exhaustive journey and will be confined to visiting beautiful tourist destinations, you can consider sneakers for your next journey. There are a lot of brands for sneakers but the best one that can suit your needs is Asics Gel Contend series that is available in 7 different styles and 16 cumulative color options for you to choose from. The prices start from a discounted price of $40 and range up to $65 on Asics official website that you must check out.

  1. Flats

Till now we have discussed shoes that are meant for some sort of activity. However, women love wearing a variety of shoes too, and traveling is one such experience where one should experiment with a variety of different shoes. One of them is Flats which have been claimed to provide less comfort to the wearer unless it is with Clarks Gracelin Wind flat that consists of padded foot sole for extended comfort throughout the day.  One can avail them at a discounted price of $67.99 from Macy’s in the velvet or black shade. People can check out the flats in different sizes and color options so that there is no uncomfortable shoe bite when you are out on your voyage of exploring a new world.

  1. Runners

These are the hands-down best shoe choices for people who are looking for comfortable shoes for traveling. Runners are suitable for light activities like walking, running, exercising, etc. You can choose from a variety of brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. However, according to us, Allbirds Wool runners would be the best choice because of their odor control and moisture controlling feature. The best part about these shoes is that they are unisexual and people can choose from different men’s and women’s shoe sizes and different color options. Customers can avail them for $95 right from Allbirds official website but they can also wait for an exclusive sale on this item on Famous Footwear.

  1. Sandals

These are the second most favorite shoe styles for women and their grace always comes first. If you are planning to go on a slow self-realization walk across the bye-lanes of Italy or a French town, your flat sandals will be the perfect companion. You can check out one of the best inventories of Sandals on Target and choose any one that you like. However, the one that we liked was A New Day- Women’s Juniper sandals available for $29.99 on Target. You can wear this with a floral lace gown and walk while enjoying the beautiful sea-breeze from the nearby Fjords.

  1. Loafers

A lot of times an international board meeting can become an evening travel experience. At such a point in time, you can always fall back upon your leather loafers and don upon your cream color summer blazer to give you just the right look to mix up as a sophisticated yet fun-loving explorer in a foreign land. We suggest you try out the Perry Ellis Portfolio which is available for a discounted price of $49.99 at Famous Footwear. You can also check out Dockers and Stacy Adams which are available for a minimum discount of $20 right on this website.

  1. Slip-on shoes

People who are going for mountain climbing and camping-cum-trekking trips must take care of their feet for the prevention of potential hypothermia. Just like our bodies, slip-on shoes keep our feet warm and protected. You can check out Teva Ember Moc that is available with sandal-like comfort and shoe-like protection. It is available for $60 on Amazon after a discount of $10 available for a limited period. There are other brands also available that must be checked out by you.

  1. All-rounder Activewear

These types of shoes are all-rounders and can be used for playing basketball, working out, running, sprinting, and even brisk walking. Bigger brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, etc. are pioneers of activewear shoes and we just can’t suggest you one. However, if you have to go by our words, we would like you to try out the Nike Flex series from their own website. You can also avail heavy 20% discount on purchasing through their official website.


Buying a perfectly comfortable shoe for traveling is one of the first preparations that a person must take up. However, it can prove to be a difficult job if you are not provided with a proper guide which we hope this article must have provided you. Moreover, you must check out coupon websites for availing of the best deals on your shoe shopping and other brands. Do check the validity of the coupons and their availability before applying them.