Top 5 Reasons To Cruise To Bermuda For Your Summer Getaway


Find out all the amazing reasons why your next summer getaway needs to be a cruise to Bermuda.

Are you looking for a summer getaway for the family? Are you considering going on a cruise?

Cruising never gets out of style. In fact, analysts predict 30 million people will go cruising this year. That number is nearly double the number of people who set sail a decade ago.

If this is your first time to go on a cruise, which one should you go for? One attractive answer is to go on a cruise to Bermuda.

Continue reading below and get a glimpse of what to expect from a Bermuda cruise.

Cruise to Bermuda: The Perfect Summer Getaway

If you’ve seen the sights of Bali or marveled at the beauty of Europe, then itís time to try sailing to Bermuda. It is a unique summer experience like no other. You can even start appreciating the area the moment you alight your cruise ship.

Letís take a look at five reasons to cruise to Bermuda for your next getaway:

1. Living the Port Life

Did you know that a Bermuda cruise allows you to stay in the port much longer? Bermuda cruises normally involve 5 to 7-day itineraries. This means you will have more than enough time to enjoy the port.

This is perfect for people who love to explore as much real estate as they can. You can enjoy Bermudaís casinos and nightlife. You can do things at your own leisurely pace.

2. The Magnificent Beaches

A cruise to Bermuda is incomplete without seeing its magnificent beaches. There are two that you shouldnít miss: Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay.

Horseshoe Bay boasts of pinkish sand and huge rock formations. As for the water, its crystal clear blue.

On the other hand, Tobacco Bay is a haven for snorkelers. You will never get enough of its beautiful coral and fishes.

3. Abundant Water Activities

Since water surrounds Bermuda, you will never run out of water activities for the family. Aside from snorkeling, you can go one level deeper with diving. You can explore sunken shipwrecks in some of the islandís diving sites.

You can also do some kayaking. If you are looking for speed, you can ride a jet ski. Or you can simply enjoy the sunset while sailing a boat.

4. Rich Culture

Bermuda is also home to a number of museums. These museums showcase Bermudaís rich maritime culture and history.

You can also visit the parish of St. George. The church is also a UNESCO Heritage site.

5. Safety and Comfort

Lastly, Bermuda is one of the safest destinations for a summer getaway.  You can take the public bus and ferries without worrying about any mugging. They have an efficient transport system that can take you anywhere in the area.

You can also walk around the Dockyard near your ship. There, you can shop or have a drink or two. Best of all, the people of Bermuda are warm and friendly.

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