Top 3 Best Beaches in Barbados


Barbados is famous for its beautiful pink sand and clear turquoise waters. You will find every type of coast here, from family-friendly resort beaches to deserted bays on the east coast. Barbados has everything you need for a relaxing tropical vacation. In this article, we are going to review the top three beaches in Barbados.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is the best-known beach on Barbados. This long stretch of pristine pink sand is famous all over the world. Set against a backdrop of limestone cliffs and swaying palm trees, Crane Beach has been featured in numerous articles for Barbados tourism. It’s not hard to see why when you walk up to shore with your cooler and beach towel.

Public access to Crane Beach is at the eastern end, although guests staying at Crane Resort have their own beach elevator. There is a café/deli on the beach that sells snacks. You can also rent sun loungers and boogie boards.

Crane Beach is great for surfing, as the waves are often pretty big, but for that reason, it’s not safe for young children to swim here. Still, if all you plan on doing is soaking up the sun and taking gorgeous selfies, this is the best beach on the island.

Mullins Beach

You will find Mullins Beach on the west coast of Barbados. The sea is a lot calmer on this side of the island and the beach slopes gently into the tranquil waters. This makes it much safer for families. Swimming is easy here, and you can also try other water sports, like snorkelling, without fear of being washed away by a huge wave. The only downside to this beach is that it can get busy at times.

Access to Mullins Beach is near the Westmoreland Beach Club on the northern end of the island. There is parking close to the beach, and sun loungers and water sports equipment are available to hire. If you get hungry, there is a snack shack on the beach, plus a restaurant close by.

Gibbes Beach

Gibbes Beach is another stunning stretch of sand. This beach is on the west coast, but it isn’t as commercialized as Mullins Beach down the coast. If you are hoping to rent a luxury villa, this is where many of the nicest Barbados villas are located. Several celebs own villas along the coast, so watch out for famous people strolling down the beach if you visit in peak season.

This beach is great for swimming since the water is usually calm. There are no amenities here, so bring your own food and drink, and set up camp in a shady spot. Access to the beach isn’t signposted, but you can reach it from Mullins Beach when the tide is out.

Choosing a beach vacation rental can be tricky with so many perfect destinations to choose from, but if you fancy a change from your usual luxury St. Barts villas, Barbados is a great choice.