Tips For Travelling In A Campervan In Melbourne


One of the best ways to travel in Australia is through a campervan. You get to see stunning scenery and visit great destinations. It not only offers flexibility and comfort, but itís also cost-effective.  You get a combination of adventure and comfort of modern luxuries.

If you want to hit the road and you are new to the campervan crave, we know it can be tough. Therefore, we have compiled several tips to help you get started.

Select the Right Campervan

Selecting the right campervan is the first crucial step to making your trip successful and fun. When choosing, you should consider:

  • Number of people travelling
  • Your budget
  • The features and facilities required
  • Style of travel

Through campervan rental Melbourne, you can find a perfect campervan that will suit your needs.

Do Some Planning

The beauty of a campervan lies in its flexibility. However, a little bit of planning will go a long way in making your trip stress-free and awesome. You will be able to incorporate your interests and the sites you donít want to miss, giving you a more personalised experience. Also, ensure you have the right documents including travel and insurance documents, driving license, and visa information.

Pack Appropriately

In order to have ample space for yourself, itís important not to carry every item that comes in your mind. Consider the essentials that are going to make your trip fun and make a list to make the process easy. Be sure to double-check your items to avoid leaving important stuff.

Stock Up on Food and Water

Once you get started, stock up on food from a supermarket or buy groceries, in case you plan on cooking. Buying food along the way may be expensive. Always carry enough water, and in case your campervan has running water and toilets, make sure to refill the tanks. You can also toss in a bottle of wine to take advantage of epic moments.

Take Measures on the Road.

Once on the road, take regular stops to rest and revive. Also if you want to prowl around an area, make sure to lock the van for security purposes. Itís also common to come across animals such as kangaroos on the road. Therefore, it’s important to take care, especially at dawn and dusk when they are most active.                

Tag some Company

Having great company is always a plus when it comes to adventure.  Travelling solo is not bad though, but with the long distances, it would be great to share the wheels with someone. If you are travelling solo, you should consider tagging your friend or family members. However, be sure to inform them on what the trip entails.

Beware of Emergencies

Emergencies are always there. Itís always important to carry spare parts in case of a car breakdown. Also, always let someone know of where you are in case you get stranded in a remote place.

With these tips, you can embark on your campervan trip and explore the spectacular scenes in Melbourne. Have fun and enjoy!

Image credit: Melbourne via Andrey Bayda/Shutterstock