Things To Do In San Jose, California


There are many great places to have fun today, and San Jose is a suitable place to start. The 2nd largest city in California, USA has made its way up the vacation ranks. There are a good number of things to do here. For years, this city didn’t have a single attractive and lively center to match its size. However, there’s been numerous efforts to attract investors and build a walkable downtown. Today, Downtown San Jose is one lively urban community you can’t miss on your vacation!

There are lots of things you can engage in this city to add a spark of fun to your life.

First of all, you can talk a nice stroll through history – the historic city of San Jose. This is the first city in California, USA that wasn’t allied with a church or any form of military, and better still, it is the first capitol of the state. Moving to current day stuff; there is a place called the Plaza de Cesar Chavez. This is the 18th century plaza of Pueblo de San Jose. There is also the Peralta Adobe – which is the only remaining Spanish structure today from that time. Finally, there is the Circle of Palms – this is the building where some researchers from IBM built their first computer hard drive and it is the site of the first state capitol.

After doing all that walk through history, you should visit the St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica. This was the first church of Pueblo de San Jose and is believed to be the oldest church in the great and ancient California. The adobe structure of the church was built in 1803 but it got burned down in 1875. The church has been rebuilt as a domed cathedral and ornate ceiling paintings, stained glasses and wall decorations were added later to beautify it. Today, the church still holds services, and the mass holds every day of the week.

It is possible that you are not a fan of religious buildings and you want something more exquisite to meet your taste. There is the Photograph City Hall that is as iconic as ever. This building is designed by the celebrated architect Richard Meier, and it was opened in 2005. It is an 18 story tower. It comes with a rotunda and some council chambers. But we will also consider if that is too sophisticated for you. Check out the Tech Museum of Innovation to geek things up a bit. This museum offers exhibits to show the role and innovations of technology in changing civilization for the better.

There are plenty things to look at, and many international travelers would love to partake in the adventure that awaits them. However, they have to get an ESTA application for access into San Jose under the Visa Waiver Program. This program is an efficient way getting into the United States, although it does not guarantee access into the country. The CBP are the ones that determine whether you would be granted access into the country or not. This program is for international travelers that want to get into the USA, especially countries that are under the Visa Waiver Program. If you have already done it, you can check ESTA online status to know if all things are good to go.

We have an assurance you would be welcomed to the United States with open arms. So let’s move on to the other places people love to see. The San Jose Museum of Art is a nice place to continue. Here you can check out modern and contemporary art exhibits. You can also go to the art galleries in the South First – the SoFa neighborhood. If that is not entertaining enough, you can head on to a concert or any show downtown San Jose. There are several theatres in San Jose, and the beautiful 1927 California Theatre would do just fine.

No matter where you plan to go or not to go, you must not miss out on checking out the San Jose State University and the MLK Library. This state university is the oldest public university in California and just taking a walk on the campus might interest you than you think. You can look out for the 1910 Spanish Revival style Tower Hall; which is the oldest building on the campus, and the Olympic Black Power statue that was a tribute to the 2 former SJSU track stars that won medals in the 68’ Olympics held in Mexico City. They used this as a medium to raise their silent protest of Human Rights violations and racial injustice. Also, beside the campus is the Martin Luther King library. This library is a result of the collaboration between the City of San Jose and the San Jose State University.