Things to do in Pattaya


Pattaya is one of the most happening towns in Thailand, but unfortunately, it is often ignored by many tourists unless they are flocking towards the country in hunt of some notorious treats. Family tourists and other leisure travelers seldom opt for Pattaya as a destination of choice. The towns dull history as a remote fishing village followed by a notorious reputation of international prostitution hub justifies why many travelers tick it off their bucket list. However, things have evolved tremendously over the years, as the local government has made hands-on efforts for developing genuine tourism in the country.

Today Pattaya is a 360 degrees travel destination and has everything that a traveler will look for in an ideal destination. Here are some of the things to do Pattaya, that might interest you.

Parks and Attractions

Pattaya is home to some of the greatest park and attractions in the country, that will be loved by people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a splash with kids or some real adrenaline craving, the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park is the perfect place to be at. It is the worlds first water theme park owned by the Cartoon Network franchise and has some fun water rides for both kids and adults. The elephant sanctuary is one of its kind educational experience, where you can interact with elephants and feed them.


Contrary to what the world might tell you, Pattaya is not all about fun and parties. It has a lot of history, culture and interesting sightseeing to offer. If you are into ancient architecture and history, book yourself The Lost World tour and explore some of the most mystic Buddhist Temple from the ancient era. These temples are dominated by beautiful traditional architecture with thick rainforests in the backdrop and beautiful waterfalls nearby. There are a number of other exciting tours that you can take to explore nearby villages and woods to get an insight into the local village life.


Pattaya is essentially a beach town and therefore, there is no point in visiting Pattaya if the beach is not on your list. Pattaya boasts a long strip of multiple different beaches that are dotted by beach resorts by the shoreline. The resorts include both, high-end hotels and budget options for people of all tastes and preferences. You can relax on the beach decks of a resort or indulge in some water sports that you can easily find on the beaches. Pattaya beach is also an excellent alternative for those who are visiting the country for a very short time and do not want to waste your time visiting other island areas, that require air travel or overnight buses or trains.

Walking Streets

One of the most famous features of Pattaya is the towns colorful walking street. The street is all about bright lights, vibrant color, music, and booze. The Pattaya walking street is known for its amazing pubs and night clubs along with a number of exhilarating performances that offer you the ultimate entertainment.

Image credit: Pattaya via kamomeen/Shutterstock