Things ĎTo Doí and ĎNot To Doí When Visiting Dubai


Every country has its own policy, rules and regulations and the action and reaction of every citizen of the country is governed by these rules and regulations. Some countries have strict laws and rules while some have lenient laws. Some of them are important in a country to avoid crimes and exploitation and everyone in the country needs to think about them from a pragmatic point of view. Some of the regulations might not be reasonable, but there must be a reason behind that we all need to understand and obey.

Getting Dubai tourist visa is usually not a big and tough task. Usually Dubai is a place where lots of rules and regulation are made. Some of these rules and regulations are necessary while some of them are unnecessary and follow orthodox thinking as well. The few dos and doníts when youíre in Dubai city as a tourist are:


  • Take a cab to hotel from night club: Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited in Dubai and you can be charged with high fines that will leave your pocket empty.
  • Dress sensibly and also obey the sharia law: Women are required to wear loose clothes with full sleeves and gents are advised to wear shirt-pant. Dubai follows sharia law and expects everybody living there and coming to the city as a tourist to respect that law.
  • Prefer drinking tap water: It is recommended to drink tap water as it is available for free and it is as safe as the mineral water of your hotel that will cost you much more.
  • Respect towards Emirati women:You should always be careful when talking to Emirati women. Shake hands only if the women initiates, otherwise not. If you pap any women, it is like giving invitation to trouble.
  • Be aware of the timings in advance:The lifestyle and night life of people in Dubai are completely different from other countries and if youíve gone to Dubai then be aware of the timings of your favourite places because in Dubai even a Friday looks like Saturday and people there lives like that. So it might be a possibility that many places shortlisted by you for visit must be closed


  • Wearing swimwear away from pool: If youíre near the pool wearing these clothes, then it is acceptable but if youíre far from these places, then this clothing style is considered disrespectful and can be a trouble for you.
  • Donít take drugs:Consumption of drugs is not allowed in Dubai sodonít bring them here. So if youíre caught, then it will lead to legal actions.
  • Donít forget your bargaining skills: If youíre going to souks market in Dubai, donít forget to bargain. This market has many things you can buy but all you need to do is negotiate for the best price. Only a scatter-brained person will give the asked price in this market.
  • Donít lose your temper: People living in Dubai do not tolerate bad tempered people and your aggressive behaviour can turn out heavy results on you.

Dubai visa is easy but managing your behaviour is even more important. It is a cultured city and it gives lot of importance to the religion they follow. It doesnít mean they disrespect any other religion but all they mean is respect everyoneís religion.

Image credit: Dubai via travelwild/Shutterstock