The best sports travel destination in the United States

Horse Racing

The United States is a hub of sports activities! Right from snow kiting, ice luging and high-lining there are plenty of options here. The United States presents you with some of the extreme sports destinations. You can find everything from the towering mountains, differing landscapes of the steep canyons to the vibrant floating rivers.

If you want you an adrenaline rush, this is the place to be. Everyone from the adventure enthusiasts, soulful travelers, thrill seekers to action sports lovers can count on America to satisfy their thrill-seeking nature with its multiple sports destinations. You can take a pick from the best destinations shared below.

  1. Las Vegas

If you thought that Las Vegas is just about pool bars, nightclubs, and the exciting casinos, you haven’t seen the other side of Vegas. The travelers here participate in a wide selection of sports. You can select from land sailing, ATV riding and many more. You can also opt-in for the outdoor shooting range, plan a helicopter tour for yourself and also drive a car at high speed. And if you want to opt-in for the popular activities in your city, then you can opt-in for a zero-gravity tour. The moment you are inside an aerobatic plane, you will find a pilot who is going to take you through a wide range of maneuvers, termed as the parabolas such as dropping, looping as well as looping through the Nevada air.

  • Grand Canyon

Its no doubt that the Grand Canyon is a scenic wonder. It is perfect for mountain biking and offers opportunities for great canyon views, campsites as well as fabulous golden sunsets. This place is also apt for outdoor sports that comprise white-water rafting as well as other famous sports. You can also experience the rapids present in the Colorado River as you march through the rugged and steep Grand Canyon terrain. If you are an ace climber, you can have a scenic aerial view of the serene blue waters right from the fringes of this site.

  • Horse Racing

If you think of horse racing in America, you need to consider Jacksonville. Additionally, there are several other horse race-courses in the United States that you can visit and witness a horse race. Also, if you want to have a close-up encounter with the horses, you can be there at the race courses in the morning to get to meet the horses close. You will get to see several horse breeds that it might remind you of the ones that you get to view in TVG.

  • Moab

Known for its natural deserts, steep canyons, and other landscapes, Moab is considered to be one of the best destinations for mountain biking.  That is not all. Here you also get to explore the canyon routers that move through the ancient ruins to carved sandstone paths. The experience is nothing less than thrilling. Furthermore, the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park are places that host water rafting, world-class hiking, rappelling, rock climbing, high-lining as well as motocross.

All you need to do now is think of the sport that you would want to experience on your vacation. And it will help you decide on the place where you can spend your vacation. The four options discussed above are the few best choices in America that you can opt-in for.

Image Credits: sports travel destination from Vladimir Hodac/Shutterstock