The best destinations for a winter wonderland experience

winter wonderland experience

As countries are opening up their borders and the opportunities to travel are expanding this winter season, there are plenty of breathtaking destinations around the world which are beckoning visitors to come and visit! Watch each city come to life as blankets of white snowfall over the cities and light up the skies discover six of the best destinations for a winter wonderland experience, with winter vacations courtesy of Indus Travels!

Munich, Germany

Home to some of the most famous Christmas markets in the world, Germany is the perfect place to visit for a winter wonderland experience. A trip to Munich, situated in the heart of Bavaria, will give you a wonderful opportunity to discover the beauty and magic of these illuminated markets, and to join the lively festivities that take place in the city streets! You can also ski through the German Alps, see the breathtaking castles come to life at night, and learn about the rich history and culture of Germany with plenty of museums and art galleries that are waiting to be explored!

Prague, Czech Republic

Cobblestone streets, Gothic marvels, and medieval squares covered in blankets of powdery-white snow transform the city into a winter wonderland every year as the season hits the Czech Republic! The gorgeous cathedrals and breathtaking palaces are incredible sights to see in the winter you will feel like you have fallen asleep and have been transported straight into a fairytale! It is believed that Walt Disney used the Church of Our Lady Before Tn for inspiration when he was designing the legendary Sleeping Beauty Castle see if you can spot the resemblance for yourself!

St. Petersburg, Russia

Famous for their extravagant New Years celebrations, St. Petersburg is a wonderful place to visit in the winter! This breathtaking city is bustling with seasonal festivities between skiing, vodka tasting, ice fishing, and skating, you will never get bored! See how the blankets of snow gently fall over the grand palaces and colorful cathedrals throughout the city and turn this place into a winter wonderland. A visit to the opera or ballet is a must, and with so many incredible museums and art galleries to choose from, get ready for a fun and elegant vacation!

Budapest, Hungary

A trip to Budapest is mandatory for lovers of natural springs and hot baths! With an astounding total of 9 medicinal baths and 123 hot springs throughout the city, the Hungarian capital is the perfect place to restore your mind, body, and soul with a warm and rejuvenating experience in the snowy outdoors! The city also boasts an abundance of ice-skating rinks and Christmas markets with festivities that take place every year. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Danube River as you make your way through the captivating cobblestone streets and fall in love with the beauty and magic of Budapest.

Tallinn, Estonia

With a fascinating mix of modern splendors and medieval sites, Tallinn is one of the hidden wonders of Europe! This breathtaking city boasts gorgeous cathedrals and extraordinary museums telling the tales of Estonian history. There is no better time to visit the Estonian capital than in the winter when the Old Town buildings and breathtaking markets are illuminated by powdery white snow and stun visitors with their beauty. The opportunities for outdoor skating and open-air museums are plenty you will be entertained and mesmerized!

Vienna, Austria

Austria is no stranger to extraordinary palaces and extravagant plazas and there is no better place to see them than Vienna! Watch the Old Town streets and magical monuments come to life this snowy season for a true winter wonderland experience. Grab your skates and make your way to City Hall, where the outdoor area transforms into one of the largest open-air artificial ice rinks in the world every year. Wander through the lively Christmas markets and warm up with a local beer at a traditional Austrian brewery. As breathtaking as Vienna is in the winter, this magical city also makes for the perfect city break during any season!