The 15 Most Amazing Cities You Should Take a Trip To

Studies revealed that travel could make you healthier and smarter. That is why you need to spend your cash on traveling. So now, create a note on your Evernote. If you are a travel lover, then this is the time to create the bucket list you need to write. 

However, to make that bucket list, you need some targeted spots to make your adventure. We have got you covered in this regard too. When you are planning your journey to tour the globe, then consider these 15 most amazing cities that you should take a trip.

  1. Barcelona Spain:

Barcelona is said to be the most beautiful city in Spain. Mostly, it is well-known because of its architectural landmarks. Sagrada Familia Church is one of the most iconic and historical sights there. Museu Picasso is also in Barcelona, having the biggest collection of Spanish artist, Picasso. Madrid is another excellent place to visit after Barcelona. You can quickly go from Barcelona to Madrid by high-speed train

2. Paris France:

That is what everybody knows, Paris is the place having romance and history co-related with each other. It has beautiful streets like Cafes Line Cobblestone Street. People, most couples, do stroll beside the Seine for hours at streets. You’ll also find a range of incredible short stay properties in Paris which cater to a variety of budgets. They’re nearby prime locations so you’ll be spoilt for choice with the variety of accommodation available.

3. Amsterdam Netherlands:

It is the place for natural beauty lovers. The site wholly filled with mountains, beautiful seashores, greenery, and much more. Moreover, Amsterdam has the most famous central canal. It is also well-known because of its storied red brick facades. The museums are full of Van Gogh painting and a lot more.

4. Cappadocia Turkey:

Cappadocia is a loved place by mostly people who toured Turkey. It is the place having beautiful fairy chimneys and a lot of other exciting rock formations. It is generally recognized because of its moon-like landscape, underground homes, houses carved in rocks, cave churches, hot air balloon rides, and much more.

5. Venice Italy:

Maybe a bit exaggeration, but people say that there is nowhere on Earth like Venice. It is full of canals, hidden passageways, a labyrinth of car-free cobblestone streets that are perfectly suitable for wanderers. If you have a lot of time, you must head to the historic center and outer islands.


6. Kyoto Japan:

Visiting the imperial city of Japan is like stepping back to the past. It has about 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 of Shinto Shrines as visitor’s attraction. You will also meet the crafty and leafy shop lines streets.

7. Havana Cuba:

Cuba is one of the popular travel spots for travelers from the past some time. This city is another colorful and energetic addition to this list. It features the old Havana pastel architecture, vibrant green moss of the Metropolitan Park.  

8. Beirut Lebanon:

As all the European Riviera, it also has the posh beach clubs, palm tree-lined promenades, hidden courtyards, and rooftop bars that are filled with Bougainvillea. But the specialties of Beirut include glossy high rises, old mosques and souks make this city ultimate appeal.

9. Cape Town South Africa:

Cape Town has all the natural beauty like mountains, beaches with penguins, coastlines, seashores, etc. In this mother city, you will daily hunt a new sight and view that will amaze you. That could be king protea having Kirstenbosch national botanic gardens or the rainbow-bright row houses of Bo-Kaap. Even it lets you do sightseeing before your plane lands. The first and best memory you will be a glimpse of Table Mountain from the sky.

10. Buenos Aires Argentina:

Maybe you already know that this city of Argentina is said to be as the Paris of South America. This city has its class. The people who love designs should give it a visit as a must for Recoleta Cemetery, and then they can head to the wildly varied architectural styles at each of the corners in La Boca. It has designed from bright painted buildings to neoclassical mansions, and everything seems to amaze you.  

11. Luang Prabang Laos:

It is the ideal city in the whole of Southeast Asia. You know what? It is hard to point out why this said to be a perfect city. But the best things you can experience in this city are all-time processions of 200 saffron-robed monks, bright explosions of orchids sprouting out of the trees. Maybe someone experienced that the sky seems to be a little bluer here.

12. Copenhagen Denmark:

Copenhagen is filled with ageless charm that forces you to go there, besides its churned out restaurants and reputation. The best thing in this place is its whimsical Tivoli Gardens of the 1800 era. And another dreamland place is the bohemian community of Christiania. 

13. Krakow Poland:

The Krakows Rynek Glowny, the central square, is the top best among all the central squares of the European city. This square is known because of its 15th-century town hall tower, which everyone should climb. Moreover, the best thing that ever happened here is its more than 40 parks that make it more attractive.


14. Busan South Korea:

Once people match the Busan of South Korea to Barcelona and only the glance of the seaside city confirms this point. Along with its wide beaches and killer food areas, it also has everlasting sights. Travel from Seoul to Busan by trainis very famous because of the views which can be seen during the journey It would be best if you went to its hilltop, one of the best town Crayola colored neighborhoods of Gamcheon. The front side of the temple
is the prettiest you can find.

15. Dubrovnik Croatia:

In recent years, Croatia is a hot spot for tourists. It is known because of its Adriatic Sea and fantastic weather. Its national parks are also popular along with the big towns on its coast. Croatia is said to be the crown jewel of Dubrovnik. 

All these cities mentioned here are a must touring cities. Whenever you plan a tour and searching for some cities to visit, then this travel guide will help you to hunt fascinating towns.