Six Best Places to Visit in Chennai


Located along the Bay of Bengal in the apex of the Indian peninsula, Chennai is both the hub of industries and natural reserves. Historically, Chennai has reserves from the Pallavaram period in the Stone Age. According to the modern history, the Pallava dynasty ruled the area. During the foreign invasions, both Portuguese and the Dutch established their colonies. This signifies the diversities in the Chennai history.

The terrain of the city houses numerous rivers, along with some of the hilly regions lining the Eastern Ghats. Considering the variations in the flora and the fauna, Chennai has numerous zoological parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

This is the reason why Chennai is deemed as one of the places to visit in the world’s top ten list. Here are some of the best places to visit in Chennai that will fill your heart with fondness!


If you are looking forward to spending some time in the serenity of nature, then no other place is as good as the Covelong Beach along the Coromandel Coast. It used to be a major port area in earlier days. It is one of those places, where you can experience the thrill of the water sports in the best possible way.


Considered to be the heart of the Pallava Dynasty, this mountainanious area is located around sixty kilometres away from the main city. Nevertheless, it is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Chennai owing to the stone architecture throughout. The Shore Temple was carved out of a humongous granite rock and is definitely one of the main attractions of the place.


San Thomas Church is one of the most prestigious spots in Chennai. The humongous white-colored structure stands proudly amidst the vast expanse of the clear sky. The statue of St. Thomas stands in the middle of the Church. It is a symbolism of the colonial era in Chennai. If you are a photography lover, then this is the ideal place to visit.


Situated in the middle of the city, the national park houses so many of birds, reptiles, animals, and even the fishes. Some of the most commendable species in this national park include the blackbucks, spotted deers, jackals, pangolin, three-striped palm squirrels and so on. In the snake park, you will find the cobras, pythons and even the bird species like quail, fly catchers and so on.


If you are visiting Chennai with your family, then this is the best place to visit with your kids. The vast expanse of the zoo houses about 1500 species of wild species, many of which are endangered. White tiger can be seen within this forest along with the elephants, langurs, baboons, nilgai, lemur, and so on. Apart from the indigenous species, the exotic ones are also there, especially the ostriches and the emus.


Crocodile bank is said to the house to over 2500 creatures belonging to the reptilian and avian kingdoms. The main aim of this centre was to protect the three endangered crocodile species in India- the saltwater crocodile, the magar crocodile, and the Ghariyal. It has been successful in releasing over 8000 crocodiles and other reptilian creatures into the wild since its establishment.