Sicily: The Breathtaking Views of the Coasts

Sicily, the largest Italian island and region of immense beauty, is an undisputed jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. What Sicily has to offer goes beyond history, which we strongly advise you to consult at. Still, it is also a land where luxury villas in Sicily for rent and refinement meet, creating experiences that meet the needs of any traveler, even the most demanding.


In Sicily, to make your holiday unforgettable, you will not only find the monuments and the uncontaminated sea. Magnificent luxury villas with swimming pool, a breathtaking view of the coast, the scent and taste of typical regional foods such as Cassata Siciliana, arancino, fish couscous, accompanied by fine wines such as Marsala or Moscato di Siracusa will involve all your senses. Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. Your senses will be stimulated like never before. 

Whether you are in the millenary Taormina where you can taste the typical caponata or the famous pasta alla norma (which is a dish of pasta where the ingredients symbolize the colors of the volcano Etna), in Palermo where you can taste the highest Italian pastry (of which we recommend the Sicilian cassatella, fried doughnuts Palermo, fruit Martorana), or in Marsala to sip the homonymous DOC wine known and exported all over the world, rest assured that you are in the right place: in the center of the Mediterranean, in one of the oldest and richest cultural areas in the world.


The luxury and history of Sicily also passes through its capital, Palermo, which is a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and art. The city, known for being the birthplace of famous actors such as Lando Buzzanca or Italian heroes such as judge Paolo Borsellino, has also been inhabited by architects of incredible taste and talent such as Girolamo Bagnasco and Giovan Battista Filippo Basile who have deeply inspired and contaminated monuments and public works. The Church of the Santissimo Salvatore, the Church of Santa Maria di Monte Oliveto, the Church of the Conception, the Church of San Gioacchino, the Church of San Domenico and the Church of Santa Maria di Valverde are the six most essential and vital churches of the incredible art of Palermo, which has merged elements of visual richness, precious materials and stylistic taste to create monuments of the highest historical and cultural value.


Whether we are talking about antiquity or the contemporary period, Sicily has always been the most fabulous protagonist of the world theatre. Throughout the vast territory of Sicily, there are hundreds of theatres that have crossed every era: Greek, Roman, modern, and contemporary. It would be impossible to mention all of them, one by one, the theatres in Sicily, but we will suggest the most famous theatres that can be visited today because we promise you, they will give you emotions and experiences that you can hardly live elsewhere.

In Palermo, it is impossible not to mention the Teatro al Massimo, also known as Cineteatro Massimo, which takes its name from the place where the Teatro Massimo is also located. It started its activity in 1992 and is currently a destination that counts more than two hundred thousand spectators every year.

Theatres of equal fame and fortune can also be found in Catania, Avola, Ad Arcireale, Ragusa, Marsala, and Messina, as well as in hundreds of other towns within Sicily.