Pripyat tour: how is it going?

Pripyat tour

Interest in the Chernobyl zone is growing rapidly every year and today it can be safely called one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine. Pripyat tour will be an excellent solution for those who want to get a huge load of emotions and visit a world where you have never been before.

Features of Pripyat tour

The Exclusion Zone is a unique place on the planet that exists according to slightly different rules. Even though the Pripyat is very close to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, it is now quite safe to be here. This territory has been contaminated with elements with a disintegration period of 28 – 30 years. The accident happened already 35 years ago, so there is no danger here. A person receives radiation of 3 mSv per day, which is equivalent to a two-hour flight by plane. When entering the restricted area, tourists are given a special device that measures the level of radiation, so you will know exactly what dose of radiation you received.

Tour to Pripyat includes visits to attractions such as:

  • Amusement park;
  • Swimming pool;
  • The shops;
  • Central Street.

Before the Chernobyl accident, Pripyat was a small but prosperous city. Now it is frozen in the socialist era, Soviet signs are still visible here, there are household items of that time. A tour to Pripyat Ukraine is a bit like a trip to the past, the only difference is that there are no people in the city at all.

Now nature is actively conquering its territory, so on the main street of the city, you can see wild animals – moose, foxes, hares, and sometimes even wolves. They are not dangerous and are often afraid of you themselves.

What emotions does a tourist feel when visiting a Pripyat tour?

Everyone who has ever bought Pripyat Ukraine tours wants to come back here again. This is because it has a unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Tourists notice that radiation gives them peace of mind. After people left the city completely, houses and other buildings began to gradually collapse. This gives the area an unusual flavor.

Today Pripyat looks like a city from a post-apocalypse movie. Human consciousness cannot comprehend all the events that took place here in 1986, therefore it paints unique pictures. Here you get a unique flight of fantasy, trying to understand what the city looked like before the disaster.

Such an unusual experience helps to understand how a person can harm himself, how dangerous nuclear weapons are and how it can affect the life of the planet.