Portugal’s Golden Visa Continues To Soar As The Country Offers One Of The Best Tax Breaks Globally For Foreign Retirees


From its diverse tourist attraction sites, fantastic climate, and world-leading security, the Portuguese country is one of the most preferred European destinations by many tourists globally. Based on the analysis by travelawaits.com, Portugal fall among the first 5 countries suitable for foreign retirees.

And with the popular Portugal Golden Visa, many international investors and retirees have found a convenient way to get a second passport to live and invest in Portugal. From the sunny beaches of Algarve to the amazing wines of Porto, Portugal provides a perfect retirement paradise that any retiree can explore.

According to US experts, Portugal is a perfect location for international retirees due to the low cost of living, tax reliefs, and the vast amazing food that the country provides.

With the low living cost in Portugal that falls 26% below the average cost of living in the US, the country has been experiencing an increasing approval of Americans for the Golden Visa since 2018, featuring the US among the top 5 sources of Portugal Golden Visa applicants for the past ten months.

Despite being a small country in size, almost the US State of Indiana, the country is endowed with a wealth of both natural and man-made features, making it unique to its neighborhoods.

Rich of interesting history, cultural heritage, beautiful architecture, phenomenal beaches, and incomparable cuisine, the Portuguese country offers more than just a holiday destination. But a thrilling experience like no other for internal retirees.

Also, the country has high-class Golf courses, spectacular islands, and some of the most welcoming people you can ever find anywhere in the world.

Portugal also offers one of the best tax regimes (Non-habitual resident tax) to highly skilled professionals, foreign pensioners, and high net worth individuals when it comes to tax remittance.

Having been introduced in 2009, Portugal’s Non-habitual resident tax, also known as the NHR tax regime, has been attracting many foreign pensioners from many countries with high tax regimes due to the exceptions the tax regime offers.

And without a doubt, the lenient tax regime is one of the things that makes the Portuguese country feature among the top 7 countries with the best retirees tax breaks globally.

As such, retirees who opt to live in Portugal are likely to enjoy a higher value for their money than their counterparts back in their home countries.

Impressed by the affordable coastal living, diverse dining options, and fantastic climate experienced in the Portuguese nation, many retirees find Portugal to be one of the best places in the world to spend their later years.