Planning your trip to Vegas: 5 things to consider


Dreaming of a trip to Vegas with your friends? Youíre definitely not alone; every year, over 42 million tourists visit the city. While most of the visitors are interested in the gambling games the many casinos have to offer, the city is has much more to offer. So while planning your to Las Vegas, keep the following thing is mind.

1. The duration

Even though you would expect three days to not even be nearly enough time to explore the city, it actually is the perfect length for your Vegas trip. Just two nights. Las Vegas is overwhelming and requires tons of energy. So instead of staying an entire week and feeling exhausted by day five, choose to stay ahead of the fatigue and leave energized, fascinated and definitely not broke.

2. The accommodation

When you book an overnight stay at Vegas, you either stay on the Strip of off the Strip. Staying right on the Strip comes with advantages such as location; youíll be close to every casino, show, restaurant and more. However, staying right on the Strip is – you guessed it – far from cheap. Aside from the standard booking costs, resort fees can add up quickly and make your trip more costly than planned.

Staying off the Strip is a more affordable option, yet the accommodations often lack the glamour found in hotels alongside the Strip. Having said that, hotels further away from the strip are becoming increasingly luxurious and are gaining more and more facilities.

Moving away even further from the strip, you have the opportunity of renting an Airbnb and stay at one of the beautiful villas. Maybe even enjoy the luxury of a pool?

3. The budget

When you think of Vegas, you think of casinos. And casinos mean – in most cases – losing money. The fact that your trip in itself is probably not cheap, gambling away the rest of your money is probably not a great ending of your holiday. To prevent this: 1) donít gamble, but when in Vegas, right? Or 2) allow yourself a fixed budget. The latter option is a safe bet when you do want the true Vegas experience but donít want to end up losing all your money.

The joy at the blackjack table or at one of the slot machines is much greater when you allow yourself a fixed gambling budget and walk away when its spent. Moreover, aside from the casinos, everything in Las Vegas is expensive. Food, drinks, shows Ė youíll need a serious budget you fuel your experience.

4. The season

While you might expect Vegas to be hot all year around, as itís literally located in the middle of a desert, it can get quite cold during winters. And it may rain. So pick your season wisely and pack for the expected weather.

Las Vegas in spring is especially beautiful as the plants start flowering and the temperature is very pleasant. Luckily, most hotel rooms are airconditioned and maintain a comfortable climate when itís raging hot outside.

5. Transportation

Getting from the airport to the Strip requires a renal car, a taxi ride or a shared ride through Uber or Lyft. Renting a car in Las Vegas is generally not too expensive. Parking, however, is. Taxi rides generally arenít too cheap either. Starting rates often exceed $20. Lyft and Uber are therefore the preferred options to get around in Vegas.

Public transportation is not really a thing in Las Vegas and is pretty much limited to the Strip only. Buses will drive up and down the street and generally donít cost too much. Then thereís also the Las Vegas monorail, gliding above the city and getting you from one side of the city to the other. This is pretty much an experience in itself.

Start you Las Vegas trip well-prepared

Have you considered the above? Then youíre ready to go and have the time of your life in Vegas! Whatever the budget, youíre bound to be entertained by this enchanting city.