10 Places To Visit In Brazil Since It’s Now Visa Free For Indians


For all those who had Brazil on their mind for the longest, we have some good news. The president of Brazil recently announced that Indians can now visit the country without a Visa. The country is known for being home to the huge soccer stars, carnivals, pristine beaches, tropical islands and remarkable architecture.

From the Amazon rainforest in the north to huge beaches along the Atlantic, there are plenty of places to visit in Brazil. Here sharing our top favourites that’ll make you fall in love with the beauty Brazil is.

Rio de Janeiro

Located in southeastern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is definitely the most popular and most visited city of South America. The city is known for its stark contrast and has something for everyone. From mountains to trek to beaches to relax or parties to go crazy at, it has it all. You move your eyes from left to right and can easily spot a landmark or two. The perfect holiday destination, Rio de Janeiro should be on top of your list.


If you are ready to throw yourself into the wild and you are all about adventure, Pantanal is your destination. Also known as the world’s largest wetland, Pantanal is quite a place. The spectacular landscapes and complex ecosystem will leave you amazed. You’ll find a large variety of Flora and Fauna. Be ready to experience nature’s magic.


The first thing that comes to our mind listening to Florianopolis is a relaxing holiday, sipping margaritas by the sea and sunbathe. The south of Brazil is the house to Florianopolis known for immaculate golden beaches, picturesque sunsets and luxe resorts. Take a dip in the sea or at the Lagoa da Conceição, a saltwater lagoon. You’ll never want to come back from this island.

Sao Paulo

The largest city in Brazil and the largest in the world when it comes to population, Sao Paulo is rightly called the concrete jungle. You might not find the picturesque landscapes but the city will amaze you with its rich culture, delish food, art galleries, museum, public parks, parties and its quirk. You’ll love the fast-paced life and the hip culture of the city.


Recife might not be as popular as other cities of Brazil but should be on your go-to places if you want a cocktail of city life perfectly mixed with relaxing coast. The city is also called “Venice of Brazil” given the numerous waterways and bridges. The old-world charm, rich heritage, vibrant culture, beaches, rivers and sangrias.


One of the world’s biggest Carnival celebration is what Salvador is so famous for. Along with it, it is fashioned with stunning beaches and historic old city. Salvador is the third-largest city of Brazil and one of the oldest in America. The calm sea here is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and surfing. Get ready to flaunt the Brazilian tan when here.

Foz do Iguacu

A series of magnificent waterfalls is what attracts the tourist to visit Foz do Iguacu. The small town lies between the border of Argentina and Paraguay and will stun you with its natural beauty. It literally feels like living in a painting. Do spend a night camping in the forest near falls and the experience will be etched in your memory.

Ilha Grande

Imagine an island with no private cars, no roads and pristine beaches. That’s Ilha Grande for you. A two-hour drive from Rio de Janeiro will take you to this paradise with tropical beaches and lush forest. You can relax here for hours just reading your favourite book by the beach or lying in the middle of a forest.


Olinda is the preserved colonial city of Brazil located on the Atlantic coast. The town is located on the Atlantic coast. The town is a treasure for art and church lovers. Colourful old houses, restaurants, museums and numerous artisan studios are what will welcome you in this gorgeous little town.


Paraty is a paradise of waterfalls, coastal mountains, tropical forest and endless emerald sea. If you want to party like a crazy on the beaches by night and laze around the entire day, this is your place. The beautiful former Portuguese colony is an architectural bliss.