Our tips on flying from Orlando Airport


Business trips donít necessarily have to be fun Ė but itís a major bonus if you can wring some enjoyment from them.

That means a luxury hotel, a meal tastier than your usual favorite fare, and some-post meeting entertainment in your local bar or cinema.

More than anything, it means being able to fly from A to B without any hassle.

You canít always guarantee that one, especially if you arenít booking your own tickets. Whether itís a delayed flight, a misplaced passport or that disappointing falafel wrap you ate in the airport cafe, a lot can go wrong in the world of air travel.

But fret not. Weíre here to assuage your quivering business trip legs and make sure you enjoy your flight (from Orlando Airport, anyway).

Orlando Airport is constantly bustling with tourists, making it an even more difficult flight hub to navigate if youíre a businessperson.

Thatís why weíve put our heads together to recommend a few business essentials if youíre going to enjoy yourself. Book them now and you wonít regret it later.

Airport parking

Parking your BMW isnít going to be easy in the teeming car parks of Orlando. In this labyrinthine mass of parking bays and depots, itíd feel less stressful to drive straight onto the runway and abandon your car then and there.

However, there are better options. Sites like Looking4.com can help you find private parking at Orlando Airport, meaning youíll be able to leave your car with a valet at the terminal and know itís being kept safe while youíre on your travels.

Save your company some cash by booking private parking as early as possible.

Priority departure lounges

There are two priority departure lounges in Orlando Airport, both cost $39 for a short stay Ė and both are worth the price.

For your payment, youíll receive fast Wi-Fi, complementary food and drinks, the latest edition of most newspapers and (most importantly) somewhere comfortable to rest your feet.

This is the perfect option if youíre planning on conducting business before your flight, giving you some much needed peace and quiet away from the crowds.

Romanoís Macaroni Grill

If youíre searching for comfort food before your flight, then Romanoís Macaroni Grill is your best bet. Here youíll receive hearty helpings of macaroni, huge pizzas, healthy salads or delicious seafood.

There are plenty of there eateries at Orlando Airport, including Moeís Southwest Grill, Chiliís Too Bar & Grill, Panda Express and Cinnabon.

Each of them is tantalizing to the taste buds, but Romanoís gets out vote for the sheer quality of its produce.

Follow these tips and youíll settle in for your flight feeling cool, calm and satisfied.

Thatís our list! What do you love about Orland Airport? What do you bring with you on a business trip? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits:†Orlando from krkt /Shutterstock