My little advice on touring Lan Ha Bay

Dusk over Budva town and bay

You don’t know what you have … until you sleep in the first hostel that crosses your path. It may seem silly, but traveling like that, with fairness, makes you much more aware of what things are worth. You can’t imagine what a room or a private bathroom means to me now.

That’s why I like these trips, because they make me start again, reassess. Reflections of our days in the bay of Lan Ha. The last time we talked we had just spent a few days in Hanoi, the surprisingly pleasant capital of Vietnam. Our stay in Hanoi left us wanting more, but the adventure must continue and I was going to do it in the best direction.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, I am sure you will plan to spend a few days in Halong Bay. How could it be otherwise, we also marked that destination on our map and to carry it out we contacted a travel agency located in the Asian country.

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It was they who proposed us to visit Lan Ha Bay to the detriment of the well-known Halong Bay. The reason: Lan Ha is a place just as wonderful as Halong but infinitely less exploited. Of course, great advice if you travel to Vietnam. But we go in parts.

How to go to Lan Ha Bay on your own

At first, you must deal with the best Lan Ha Bay Cruises. Although to fully enjoy Lan Ha Bay (and / or Halong) it is more than advisable to do so with a good agency, it is a perfectly executable route on your own. To do this, everything takes a train from Hanoi to the city of Hai Phong, a journey of just over 2 hours whose price is around 4 dollars (70,000 dongs). Once in Hai Phong, take a taxi from the train station to the port of Ben Binh, or walk this route (they are a couple of kilometers). From this port different boats leave for Cat Ba, among them a speedboat that leaves you in that population in just 45 minutes and whose price is about 8-9 dollars (180 thousand dongs). You can catch this boat at 7AM, 9AM, 1PM or 3PM.

Cat Ba is the largest island in the immense archipelago of the same name, in the middle of Halong Bay, and from there depart several ships that travel this or Lan Ha. Smaller, larger, simpler, more luxurious, day or of several days. My advice is that, at a minimum, you make a two-day and one-night cruise, although if you could do another day and sleep one of those nights on one of the islands of the archipelago it would be perfect.

My second recommendation is that, even if you do it on your own, do not skimp on expenses since, in both Halong Bay and Lan Ha, there is a lot of difference in quality between a simple and a good cruise. For 280-300 dollars you can spend the night in the Halong Glory Cruise, four stars and very well valued.

Now that I have explained how to go to the bay on your own, I insist that hiring an agency tour in this place in Vietnam is a great option. You’d better find a travel agent online who usually offer the best deals of Lan Ha Bay Cruises and help you plan your trip ahead of time.