10 must-do activities in Gokarna

Along the West Coast of India, in Karnataka, lies this languid little town called Gokarna. Gokarna truly signifies “Cow’s Ear”. I know it sounds entertaining and you would ask why this name. It incompletely comes from a legend and somewhat, from its area. In any case, we will go to that intriguing story somewhat later in this post.

Initially a Hindu journey focus, it is presently, a critical visitor goal – not similarly as a sanctuary town but rather its stunning rough shorelines and slopes. Around 140 km from Goa, this place has turned out to be progressively prominent with the outside travelers in India. A totally unique affair from Goa and Karwar, Gokarna is about a serene shoreline occasion.

In any case, this does not imply that there isn’t much to do in this residential area. Here is my rundown of 10 activities in Gokarna –

  1. Shoreline trekking in Gokarna

Sounds like the most self-evident? Am certain. In any case, there is a slight contrast here as you truly need to trek (not stroll) to the shorelines in Gokarna. Gokarna is arranged among the slopes and the shorelines are actually on the opposite side of the slopes. A strict climb and slip along the uneven rocks starting with one shoreline then onto the next – which is really, where the fun and energy lies. Gokarna has 5 noteworthy shorelines – Gokarna shoreline, Kudle shoreline, OM shoreline, Half Moon Beach and Paradise shoreline.

The Gokarna Beach is in the primary town and is very well known among local people and the explorers. Shivratri is one of the primary celebrations celebrated in this town and the festivals are hung on this shoreline. The shoreline isn’t favored by vacationers. A pleasant shoreline in any case. Going ahead to the following shoreline – Kudle Beach, which is one of the primary visitor shorelines in this town.

Hovered by hillocks and spotted with rocks, Kudle shoreline is a delight to invest energy in. The shoreline has plenty of shacks and little motels. You can trek up the little shakes en route and feel the waves sprinkle onto your toes. Not a terrible plan to roost on them and gaze out of the ocean. I completely delighted in doing likewise myself. Trust me, it is a quieting feeling.

From the Kudle Beach, you need to trek up a slope and drop down to the most well-known shoreline in Gokarna – OM shoreline. Named after the quiet “OM” image of the Hindus, this isn’t only prevalent with the visitors yet additionally, among local people. This shoreline has constrained nourishment and eatery alternatives.

Next, trek over to the opposite side of OM shoreline to locate the Half Moon shoreline – sort of like a tidal pond. This has far lesser choices of eatery and shacks and is very separated. As you trek along further, you will move to the remainder of the shorelines on this trail – the Paradise shoreline as beneath. This is the further far from the town and most untainted of the 5 shorelines of Gokarna.

The trek is very simple and light for a wide range of trekkers. On the off chance that you need to take a stab at something else, you can select a watercraft ride to every one of these shorelines too. :- ). Pontoon rides are accessible on both Kudle shoreline and in addition OM shoreline and you can either run with a group or take it independent from anyone else.

  1. Visit the Sanctuaries

Initially a sanctuary town, there are a couple of old sanctuaries around Gokarna with a decent lot of history and hugeness. The key among them is the Mahabaleshwar sanctuary, inside the fundamental Gokarna town. This sanctuary is home to the Shiva Linga – one of the key explanations behind the name Gokarna. It’s time for me to uncover the legend that I said before about the name Gokarna.

The land purpose behind the name is that the town is at the conjunction of Gangavali and Agnashini waterway and is molded like the cow’s ear. In any case, legend has it that Lord Shiva had risen up out of the ear of the cow and thus the name. How and why the same happened is a long story and can be perused here.

Going by this sanctuary gives you an extremely peaceful inclination. The god here is more than 1500 years of age. While you are at going to sanctuaries, you can even visit a couple of others – Aadi Gokarneshwara sanctuary, Ganapati sanctuary, Koti Teertha etc. All these are at close separation from each other.

  1. Unwind with a back rub

A large portion of the inns and resorts and additionally hotels on the shorelines offer you knead administrations. The most famous is the Kerala Ayurvedic medications. You can decide on a general full body knead or go particularly in light of your inclinations. From a go to a foot knead, these back rub focuses have many choices on their menu. It’s an extremely calming background particularly with the waves giving you an ambient melodies score.

  1. Turn into a foodie


With the shacks on the shorelines and great nearby eateries, the foodie in you will undoubtedly spring out. From Italian pasta to Indian Thaalis – these nourishment places serve you the best. Try not to pass up a major opportunity for two places specifically – the first being in the principle Gokarna town called Prema Restaurant. This is a non-descript put, with a pitiful looking board. At first, I mixed up it for a store yet doesn’t pass by the looks. The menu here totally resists its appearance – It has everything from Israeli bread to Pasta and Indian Thalis. The nourishment here is completely mouth-watering and AMAZING. To such an extent, that we wound up going here on two long periods of the three days remain that we had. You need to experiment with the handcrafted frozen yogurts and GADBAD here.

The other must-visit-put is by the OM shoreline – Namaste Cafe. This place has an astounding perspective of the Arabian ocean. The nourishment here is a blend of Italian and Indian. By and by, I felt that the nourishment was vastly improved and more delectable at Prema Restaurant, however, there is no beating the feel of this place. I would suggest a night here without a doubt, as the place is wonderfully lit and keeping in mind that you live like royalty here; you can hear the dynamic ocean out of sight and feel the ocean fog all over.

  1. Wander out for a drive

There are a lot of spots near Gokarna, very interesting in their own particular manner. Since I have secured places like Dandeli, Yana, and Karwar in a prior post, I won’t harp on them further. These spots are around 50 – 100 km from Gokarna.

One place that I would particularly say is Murudeshwar. This place as should be obvious in the photo is known for its massive Shiva statue. This is the second biggest statue in India. The statue is justified regardless of a visit for its sheer superbness. Its magnificence is additionally improved by the stunning blue setting of the Arabian Sea. Murudeshwar is around 55kms from Gokarna.

  1. Yoga by the shoreline

Do it independent from anyone else or join the gatherings at different resorts like the Namaste Yoga Farm or the Swarswara resort. It isn’t unordinary to see a great deal of traveler honing yoga in the mornings and nights on the Kudle shoreline or the OM shoreline. You can pick from a 7-day course to a more extended course while here.

  1. Experience the ritzy sky

The night sky in Gokarna is really superb – clear and ritzy. With the cool wind blowing all over, waves sprinkling along and stunning sand beneath your feet, a walk around the shoreline are precisely what you ought to do. Have a go at resting on the shoreline and checking the stars – Sometimes, useless undertakings like this add to the appeal of the place.

  1. Enjoy the water sports

Get your adrenaline running with some water sports on the OM shoreline. You can decide on some parasailing, banana vessel rides, swimming or kayaking. Nonetheless, take note of that these are accessible just amid the pinnacle season.

  1. Get nibbled by a photograph bug

Gokarna Beaches are very uncommon with their rough surfaces and hillocks. They look extremely staggering at night and morning light and this should get a shutterbug in you. Go for a walk alongside your camera or telephone and endeavor to catch the flawless scene before you. Attempt your hand on getting the waves on the stones.

  1. Splash up to the town

Gokarna is a residential community and you can truly walk and cover the whole town. Little knickknack and garments shops en route to the Gokarna shorelines and vivid sacks being sold. You can invest a little energy simply strolling around and getting a vibe of this little sluggish town.

I won’t be amazed in the event that you are as of now searching up for your trek in the wake of perusing this rundown of 10 activities in Gokarna.


  • There are customary transports from Bangalore and Mangalore to Gokarna. There are a couple of trains too to Gokarna.
  • Gokarna is around 550 km from Bangalore and the streets are genuinely great. In this way, in the event that you are up for a lengthy drive. This could be a choice.
  • The closest airplane terminal to Gokarna is Goa. It is around 100 km from Gokarna and you can enlist a taxi from the airplane terminal to the town.

Travel Tips:

  • The best season to go to Gokarna is from September to April. It gets excessively warm in May and June.
  • There are a lot of resorts and lodgings for your stay in Gokarna. Suggested among them are Namaste Cafe on OM Beach and Kudle Beach Resort on Kudle shoreline. I for one have remained at the last mentioned and here is my audit of the same.
  • There are a lot of stray pooches on the shorelines. In spite of the fact that they are innocuous, one can simply be somewhat watchful.
  • Be a little watchful while venturing out at night on the shorelines. You will see a great deal of traveler smoking and drinking. There is somewhat of a hipster culture in a few sections of Gokarna.
  • Convey enough Sun Screen while here.