What to know before you travel to the UK


If you’ve set your heart on the UK for your next big holiday, be prepared for a crazy ride! From the regional accents to the cultural peculiarities, you’re going to be happy you read this guide to ease you in. But don’t worry, you’ll quickly notice the Brits are a funny and friendly bunch,

  1. Get all your documents in order before travel. Make sure you have the right visa, that your passport at the time of travel will be up to date, that you have a bit of cash to start with, etc. This is valid for every new country you go to, especially in times of change like the UK is going through now. To make sure you’re all ready check the UK government website to get the latest updates. A personal advice would be to check reviews for the airline you’re flying with, you would be surprised how much you learn. Don’t forget that if you encounter issues with a company, the expertise of litigation lawyers could be of great use.
  2. On a lighter note, you will experience the British culture of drinking, not just alcohol but also tea, at all times of day. Any problems can be solved with a cup of tea, and if that doesn’t do, maybe a beer will. Joking aside, you will get to choose from a wide range of brews, there’s one for everyone.
  3. The weather is at the centre of daily conversations. If you’re used to blue skies, you’re about to experience a drastic change of scene. UK skies appear to be in constant movement and the weather forecast won’t help, so everyone throws in their two cents about what they think will happen. Be prepared to learnnew climate vocab!
  4. Whatever you do, do not jump a queue! Wait patiently in line for your turn. Even though the Brits might be too polite to tell you off, you’ll get the message by the looks they’ll give you and you certainly won’t make any friends that way.

Now you’ve got the most important customs figured out, you’re almost ready to go. Just don’t forget your umbrella when packing your suitcase and you’ll blend in like no other! Also, if you’re looking for low price tickets, don’t forget to do your research on the net.

Image Credits: UK from Melinda Nagy /Shutterstock