Join the pilgrims at the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple

In India each place which is in existence has its own religious beliefs behind it and when it comes to temples, mosquesand gurudwaras or churches these beliefs have more historical as well as religious aspects. There are so many worship spots in the country that story behind each spot is so interesting, everyone from different corners of the world come to India to see the beauty of the culture of India. One of the famous worship point in India is Golden Temple which has also bagged its place in the 7 wonders of the world.

Golden temple is located on Amritsarand is the part of Darbar Sahib or Harmindar Sahib of the Sikhs. The upper portion of the temple is made up of 400 kg pure gold due to which it got thename as “Golden Temple”. The large tank surrounding the temple was constructed under the supervision of fourth Sikh guru, named as Guru Ram Das ji. The construction of the lake took around four years and now as a result this tank adds stars to the beauty of the temple. During the day time, the reflection of the temple can be seen in the lake which makes it look so captivating. Devotees believe that having a dip in the Amrit Sarovar Lake will wash off all your sins and will provide you moksha. You can also take choose to book your flights or any hotel with available Yatra Coupons Online when you are planning to visit Amritsar.


The whole temple is has its place in between the Amrit Sarovar lake. The temple consists of 7 mini domes that are covered with pure gold adding to the beauty of the temple and giving the temple a beautiful shine that can also be seen from a distance. The most beautiful thing about the temple is the beautiful carvings done of the temple, they are so minute and details due to which it attracts the attention of visitors. The temple has doors on 4 sides of it and devotees in large number visit temple daily irrespective of their creed and caste.

Weather conditions

After the monsoon months, July and August the climate is quite pleasant and most apt time for visiting the temple. But during the summer time the atmosphere is quite hot and the number of visitors are quite less at that time period. The temple can easily be visited by any of the modes as the city is well networked with mostly all the cities in India. If you prefer you can travel by air which is much more convenient as Amritsar has its own airport which makes it easier for travellers to reach directly to their destination.


The place has been a centre of attraction for many wandering sages and vagrants. A number of people visit temple daily for having that one image of the beautiful temple. The unique and yet impressive quality about the temple isthe ‘Guru kaLangar’ which is being served to the devotees all day long. The name given to the holy lake “Amritsarovar” whentranslated means “Pool of holy nectar”. Those handmade mosaic paintings and patters depict the Indian and Mughal culture behind the temple.

Places to Visit near Temple

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Jalianwala Bagh- It is situated at a distance of 1 km from the temple. The history of this bagh is known by everyone, it is the place where the atrocious acts of exploiting people were done by British people. And the most astonishing fact is that the incident took place on 1919, 13th April which was the New Year Day for Punjabis. The British army announced for open firing due to which 379 people were dead on the spot and 1100 people were left injured. As a result in the memory of those people this bagh was being established.

WagahBorder- It is one of the most famous tourist spot near the golden temple. It is situated at a distance of about 30 km from the temple andit is the one and only border that crosses between India and Pakistan. The soldiers from both the country represent their heartfelt emotions for their country with full enthusiasm and the view is best enjoyed by the people visiting their in afternoon.

Akal Takht- This place is present within the premises of Golden temple and was constructed by Guru Hargobind Singh with a belief for resolving the temporal issues. The place is the symbolic depicture of the political aspects of the Sikh culture. It is known for its highest peak to the Khalsa authority.


The scenic beauty of golden temple can never be matched but visiting these places along with the temple will make your journey worthy enough and you will get so many experiences that will be cherished in your memory for life long.

Image Credits: Golden Temple from saiko3p/Shutterstock