The most interesting and useful gifts for travelers

gifts for travelers

Is someone you love planning to travel and youíre wondering what’s the best gift you can give them before they set off? The difficult thing about selecting a gift for another person is that you donít just need to make sure that they would love it, often you also have to ensure that itís useful as well.

Itís always nice to surprise someone by giving them a gift that they didnít expect. However, to do this, you have to be a good listener. As they discuss their trip, the traveler is likely to give hints of things they may want but may not afford or are failing to get for some reason. Get them one of these as a present. Most of the time they won’t even remember that they gave you the hint. In the case you don’t get the right hints, you can always help your traveling family member or friend identify the best travel website builder for them to document their trip. Who knows, this could grow into the go-to website for people who want to go on holiday. 

Below are some of the most interesting and useful gifts you can give to travelers.

Portable water purifier

If someone choses an exotic country for travelling, there can never be a guarantee that they will be able to get clean water.  Hence, a portable water purifier may be a great present to make secure that they will not get any problems with health. While someone can always buy disposable bottled water, this is an expensive option.

A portable water purifier makes an even greater present for someone going on a camping trip. The filter can easily get rid of waterborne pathogens and viruses found in water from sources like rivers and dams. One of the greatest things about this present is that it can also be used even when the traveler comes back home.

Solar portable power bank

The rise in mobile devices comes with the advantage that you now donít need to carry a lot of stuff. On a single device, you can carry all the books you need to read, newspapers, magazines and your banking. However, doing all these things can gobble power. When you are at home, itís easy because you can easily charge your gadgets on your wall socket. However, when someone is traveling, wall sockets are not always available.

World adapter

People traveling for the first time may not know that different parts of the world do not use the same plugs and sockets. You’ll need to know the kind of adaptor used at the places where the person you want to buy the adaptor for is going.

These days, many travelers connect through cities in Middle East like Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi where wall sockets may be different from the places where they are coming from or going to.  While there are some adapters that are specific to a single country, including to the Middle East, there are a few that can be used in almost all countries.

Gym subscription

When traveling for long periods of time, it’s easy for someone to forget about physical exercise. Of course, unless they choose hiking or mountain traveling. However, this days most people tend to get somewhere where they donít need to do much activity but to relax on the seashore. If you want your loved ones to remember to exercise while traveling, a gym membership could be a great and useful present.

A gym membership is a present that someone traveling may appreciate because many times when people travel, they want to save as much money as possible. Paying for a gym membership is one of those things that people are likely to forego if they want to save money for a trip.

Travel apps

When traveling, keeping everything together may be a challenge. This is why giving a travel app as a present can be useful. Think about apps one can use to convert currencies so that they know all the time how much something costs in their own currency. Look out for applications which help travelers to split costs if they are traveling with others.

There are also cool applications that can take images of slips and send them to an email address so that when the traveler gets back home, they can calculate exactly what the trip has cost. If they need to claim any money from a company, these slips could also be useful. 

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