10 Instagram Friendly Cafes In Rajasthan You Must Visit

Running out of money is one thing, running out of resources is another but running out of pictures to upload on social media? We can imagine what a nightmare that could be. How about some Instagram friendly cafes that offer a great new angle for photography with delicious brunch and bites?

Rajasthan is the land of culture, heritage, royalty and food. The state of Rajasthan is full of colours and picturesque locations. Imagine sipping on some coffee while clicking really cool shots for your gram. Here we are sharing a list of most Instagram Friendly Cafes in Rajasthan. Visit them on your next trip to the state and increase that follower count of yours.

Jheel Ginger Coffee Shop, Udaipur

Now one can get the idea just by reading its name that it must be on the lakeside. Inaugurated on water’s edge, Jheel Ginger is a cosy and slick cafe with large windows and of course a rooftop setting. The picturesque cafe is set against an aura you can’t resist.

Wind View Cafe, Jaipur

Certainly the state’s capital cannot lack behind anywhere in any list. The Wind View is a rooftop cafe with a short and sweet menu and the mesmerizing view of Hawamahal which provides a whole new room for the camera lovers to capture themselves. The place is highly popular among tourist, photographers and you can capture the city in its true essence.

Padao, Jaipur

This definitely is our favourite among all the cafes in Jaipur. Just in the way to your destination, you’ll get a bouquet of panoramic views to click. Situated at the Fort Nahargarh, Padao offers the best 360 views of the city with delicious brunch and din-din. All you have to do is just pay 100 INR as an entry fee while entering the precincts and enjoy the heaven of city lights at night.

Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop, Udaipur

To get the royal feeling, there could be nothing better than this place itself. Jaiwana Haveli was once the private residence of Thakur of Jaiwana, one of the Jagirdars of Maharanas of Mewar. The Haveli abodes in the centre of the city at a stone throw distance from City Palace. One can get to Lake Pichola with all his camera kit ready to shoot which surrounds the place.

Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria, Pushkar

Now you can never get over from such experience in your life. Nirvana Cafe is the most dope and quirky cafe you’ll discover in your lifetime. The walls are covered with neon paintings and interior is wickedly snug. The captivating panorama of the entire city makes it more ravishing with of course Nirvana tracks playing in the back. This is surely a place where you wouldn’t only want to click but also film the entire ambience.

Step Well House Cafe, Jodhpur

This is a theme-based cafe where you can easily get the feeling of a Police Chowki if you’ve ever fantasized to be there. Jailkhana is famous for its attendants and servers dressed in monochrome jail dress and police’s wardi. In addition to this, the food here is remarkably finger-licking at a very reasonable price. So next time whenever you are in Jodhpur, do not forget to click and lick at Jailkhana!

Cafe The Kaku, Jaisalmer

Greeted with the Jaisalmer Fort’s front view, you are seated in a purely rustic tone of the place with the view of the entire city. The sitting arrangement is complemented with mud pedestals and mattress kept over it for comfort. Walls are completely covered with brown mud, completing the feel of a Rajasthani village. Also, it serves their visitors with proper rajwada style of dining so don’t forget to check in there with your selfie mode on.

Charcoal by Carlsson, Udaipur

Where meat and vegetables are cooked on charcoal grills, Charcoal is a BBQ cafe which bids you with the utmost pleasure of being in a live BBQ food. It is one of its own kind place which offers Indian cuisine as well as specialists in Mexican tastes as well.

Cafe Cavalli, Jaisalmer

Where comfort is sustained with authenticity, Cavalli is surely a place you would want to own. As you enter, you are greeted with the magnificent view of Jaisalmer Fort view and the breeze that blows away your tension and leaves you smiling for ages. the place compliments you with a huge variety to click and flaunt because it’s with it 😉

Jhankar, Jodhpur

Tracked down in Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur, Jhankar is a rooftop setting cafe and restaurant with beautifully carved colourful glasswork interior. the place has the aura of tradition as well as urbanization. The best part about this place is surely the view and it’s Jumbo Thali which really is large for a single being to finish. So hurry up and get your seats booked at Jhankar and stuff your gallery with some more Instagram ready pictures this time for next month as well.