Important tips for before driving in winter safely

driving in winter

Driving in winter requires paying much more attention than normal to feel safe and avoid scares. The statistics provided by entities such as the DGT ensure that 30% of accidents occur in this season of the year and that the main reasons are fog and rain, which are more present at this time.

Therefore prevention before and during will be the greatest aid to avoid accidents and arrive safely at our destination. Today we will talk about some tips before taking the car.

Tips before driving in winter

Logically, all the measures we take before making a road trip in winter will be more than effective prevention to avoid greater evils. Even if it is just a scare, if we do our part to avoid it, it will be the best solution.

The first step before driving safely during winter the road need to analyze the possible safety risks that may occur along the way and that has to do with the physical elements of our vehicle. Here are some keys.

Check the vehicle in your workshop

If you are going to travel for vacations or are going to make long trips during this time, our advice is that you visit your trusted mechanic to do a review of the vehicle’s condition, taking into account the possible inclement weather that occurs in winter. Ask him for advice if you have questions about any of the physical elements of the car and travel more calmly.

Pay attention to your windshield wipers

Check this essential element of your vehicle. Check that the rubbers are in good condition and fulfill their function of sweeping the entire surface of the front window. If you live in an area susceptible to freezing temperatures at night, use antifreeze for your windshield.

Winter tires

In areas where it snows and rains during winter, they are mandatory and you will avoid road trips or get stranded in the snow. There are already countries where its use is mandatory when this season of the year arrives. Remember that the minimum thickness of the drawing must be 1.6 mm.

Check brakes and steering

Periodic maintenance of the vehicle throughout the year is essential and more especially in winter. Put yourself in the hands of experts to check the braking system, both the pads and the discs, and the steering of the vehicle.

Car battery

At this time of year, battery usage increases as more components and systems are used, for example heating. Therefore, before taking the vehicle, do a battery check, especially if you are taking a trip.

Use the daylights constantly

Whether it is day or night and due to the climatic changes that can occur throughout the day, always uses the lights. Take into account the luminous parabola of your headlights adjusting it correctly to avoid dazzling the cars that come from the front.

As you can see, there are many elements to take into account before taking the car in winter and driving safely.