Important Steps for Planning a Round-the-World Trip

Round-the-World Trip

Many people dream of traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures. Some people may get the chance as soon as they finish high school and some might get the desire to embark on this dream journey when they get a little older.

Traveling around the world is not reserved for only a certain age group. Everyone can do this with a little help and the proper guide. One just needs to plan the trip well for it to be as good as it possibly can.

Preparing for your trip can be at least as uplifting and exciting as the actual trip. The months before the trip are usually characterized by planning and expectations about how the trip will look like.

In this article, we have put together a small list of tips for making your round-the-world trip successful.

Sort out Passport, Visas and Other Required Documents

By now, we all know that first of all we must make sure that our passport is valid. Most countries require that the passport be valid for six months after arrival. Know that blank pages are needed for stamps and visas in the passport. If you need a new passport, get it before proceeding with all other travel arrangements.

A visa is required for you to be admitted to any of the world’s countries. The visa often has to be arranged in advance at the country’s embassy and in some cases, it is possible to get it upon arrival, at the airport and/or the country’s border.

If you plan on traveling to English-speaking countries, you must use certified document translation services to get all your legal papers translated into the countrys official language. Make sure you obtain accurate and professional translations because even minor errors can spoil your travel plans. 

Traveling without insurance can be an expensive affair as last-minute cancellations, lost baggage, and getting sick can happen and therefore its best for you to have some kind of insurance protection.

When completing this first step, youll be able to concentrate on the fun part of planning your trip and looking at all the interesting destinations you want to see.

Right Budgeting

It is not cheap to travel around the world but it can be affordable with the right budgeting techniques. Many airlines and travel agencies have special round-the-world packages that are much more affordable than if you were to buy each flight separately.

Be realistic and figure out how much money you are willing to spend each day.

It can therefore be a good idea to create an overall picture of what the trip will cost in total so that you will not be overwhelmed during the trip itself.

Hotel prices are easy to find, as are food prices. Remember to set aside money for entrance fees to museums, amusement parks, and landmarks you want to see.

Be smart and also set aside a penny for unforeseen events as well.

Check Vaccinations and Medicine

Getting vaccinated before departure is an important preparation. If it is your first long journey, look for old vaccination papers as you may need to be revaccinated for something.

If you are going to travel to a slightly more exotic place or have underlying diseases that require treatment, it is a good idea to start with the preparations 2-3 months before you travel. Go to your doctor and get the vaccinations needed, antimalarial drugs, or other travel medicines.

When traveling, fever, insect bites, gastrointestinal problems, and abrasions on the feet are common ailments. You should bring medicine for the most common diseases and problems, plus the medicine you need if you already have an illness.

For any prescription drugs, you should bring a paper prescription from your doctor. Pack it in your hand baggage so that you can easily reach it if asked to do so at customs or a security checkpoint.

Prepare Cash and Credit Cards

Image source: Helga Christina from Unsplash

When traveling, it is still a mix of cards and cash that works best. It is usually cheapest if you pay with a card or withdraw money in local currency.

Be sure to use a card that does not have too expensive currency exchange charges or withdrawal fees. Be aware that foreign vending machines may charge a fee.

It is not certain that taxis, buses, etc from the flight accept cards and there may not be a good ATM available when you arrive, so it would be good to bring some cash with you in local currency.

Pack for Your Trip

The expression “less is more” is perfect and speaks the truth when it comes to packing your bags for a round-the-world trip.

Having a packing list is highly recommendable as it will ensure you dont forget anything.

The last thing you want to do when you are traveling for a long time is to pack a lot of suitcases. Plan the packing as well as you plan the trip. It is enough that you pack a light bag that does not take up any space.

A pair of comfortable shoes, t-shirts, underwear, a pair of shorts, long trousers and a jacket will go a long way. If you find that you are missing something, you can almost always buy it for cheap in other countries too.

Most airlines let you choose the type of luggage you want to travel with, and you can also buy extra bags on your return trip.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

A successful round-the-world trip is a combination of traveling on your own and looking at organized adventure trips. Traveling on your own gives you a sense of freedom while you can be sure to include all the highlights and attractive destinations that an organized tour offers.

Its understandable that to avoid stress during the trip, it is good to have certain things planned. But, sometimes a little spontaneity on your travels might be good as it will give you a liberating feeling and make you a more joyful traveler.

The thing about being spontaneous and trying things you normally don’t do may make you experience the best parts of the whole trip.

Closing Thoughts

It sure is fun to travel, but there are several things to keep in mind for the joy to last. The entire process of planning a round-the-world trip might be tiresome but its well worth it as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Preparing personal documents, planning your budget, and your vaccination shots to simpler things like packing and organizing your travel itinerary is key to making this mission complete and should never be overlooked. With these steps, you can unleash your wanderlust and start enjoying every minute of your trip.